Hair Care 101-Essential Tips & Tricks From A Top Hair Stylist

by Brianna Thompson

Having healthy and beautiful hair can boost our confidence and make us feel great. However, with all the different products and treatments available, it can be overwhelming to know how to take proper care of our hair. Here are some essential tips for haircare 101 that can help you achieve healthy, lustrous hair:

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Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner:

 The right shampoo and conditioner can make a significant difference in your hair's health. Look for a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type and needs. If you have dry hair, choose a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that can hydrate your hair. If you have oily hair, choose a clarifying shampoo that can remove excess oil and buildup. If you need some help with choosing the right clarifying products and shampoo for you, check out my blogs: What is the Best Shampoo for My Hair Type? and What Does Clarifying Hair Do? 


Also watch this video by our owner Nick Mirabella for insight on the importance in understanding your hair type when it comes to choosing products Watch his video here.

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Avoid Heat Styling

Heat styling tools like curling irons and straighteners can damage your hair and make it look dull and lifeless. If you must use heat styling tools, make sure to use a heat protectant spray to minimize damage. Also, limit your use of heat styling tools and opt for air-drying your hair whenever possible.

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Brush Your Hair Carefully & Clean Your Brushes!

Brushing your hair can help distribute natural oils and keep it healthy but be gentle with your hair. Avoid pulling or tugging on your hair as it can cause breakage and damage. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair gently. Also check out my blog for the best hair brushing tips: How to Brush Your Hair Properly (from a Professional).


Another important tip: CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES! Using brushes either with hair in it, dead skin cells in it, product, etc; you are simply making your hair dirtier. THis is how your hair can get greasier quicker and why you may still have buildup in your hair! For tips and reasons why, this is important read my blog: Why You Should Clean Your Hair Brushes 

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Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Exposure to the sun's harmful rays can damage your hair and cause it to dry out. Protect your hair from the sun by wearing a hat or using a hair product that contains SPF. For some more tips on sun protection check out my blog: How to Protect Your Hair from the Sun.

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Trim Your Hair Regularly

 Regular haircuts are essential for maintaining healthy hair. Trimming your hair every six to eight weeks can help prevent split ends and breakage. If you are looking for more info on when you should get a trim, check out this blog: How Often Should You Get A Haircut. 

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Eat a Healthy Diet: Eating a healthy and balanced diet can help keep your hair healthy and strong. Make sure to include foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, such as leafy greens, nuts, and fish For some examples of some great foods for hair health, read my blog: 5 Foods to Help Achieve Healthy Beautiful Hair | The Warehouse Salon

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Avoid Overwashing Your Hair: Washing your hair too frequently can strip it of its natural oils and cause it to become dry and brittle. Instead, wash your hair every two to three days or as needed, depending on your hair type and lifestyle. To learn more tips on how often to shampoo, watch our salon owner Nick Mirabella break down these tips on our YouTube channel. Watch it here.This video is great because he discusses the idea of why it is important to have a good hair routine, to find the right products for your hair type, and also explains how to shampoo properly.

For addiitional info on shampooing and how to shampoo properly and find your ideal hair routine refer to these blogs: 

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Avoid Product Dependency

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Taking care of your hair is essential to maintain healthy and beautiful hair. Follow these haircare 101 tips to keep your hair looking its best, and don't forget to listen to your hair's unique needs. By giving your hair the proper care, it deserves, you can achieve healthy, lustrous locks that make you feel confident and beautiful.

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