How Often Should I Cut My Hair?

by Brianna Thompson
Welcome back to Studio 360 & The Warehouse Salon Beauty Blog! Today I want to talk about haircuts, and how often you should cut your hair. 

We all know taking care of your hair is super important to keep it healthy and looking good. One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is how often you should be getting haircuts. The frequency of haircuts depends on a lot of factors.

Your Hair Type

The type of hair you have plays a significant role. If you have thick, curly hair, you may not need to cut it as often as someone with thin, straight hair. Thick hair tends to hold its shape well and is less prone to split ends. On the other hand, if you have thin, straight hair, you may need to get a haircut more frequently to keep it looking healthy and stylish. This is only very true to your hair type when taking care of it. If you are a curly girl who flat irons, do not protect your hair from humidity, and so on, then you will have to maintain a haircut more often. Finer hair is simply more fragile generally, and that is the only reason why it is important to consider trims every 8 weeks or so.

Less Prone to Split Ends
More Prone to Split Ends


Your Hair Style

Another factor to keep in mind is the style of your hair. If you have a short, layered style, you might need to get a trim every few weeks to keep the shape of your layers shaped and uniform. This is especially if you have a bob or pixie that requires more upkeep when shaping and styling. The shorter the hair is in your haircut, usually the higher maintenance it is. This is why some men have to get their haircut every 2-4 weeks just to maintain that skintight or super short look. Generally, with a longer style, you can usually go a few months without a haircut unless you prefer a lot of layers and movement.  It's important to talk to your stylist to figure out the best frequency for your hair. Even with bangs, whether your hair is short or long, you have to get trims daily to enhance the features of the bang and maintain the overall style.

Low Maintenance Haircut

Low to Medium Maintenance Haircut

Medium Maintenance Haircut 

Medium-High Maintenance Haircut

High Maintenance Haircut

Your Environment

Apart from hair type and style, the environment you live in can also impact how often you need to get haircuts. If you live in a humid climate and use lots of styling products, you may need more frequent haircuts to prevent split ends. But, if your hair is not exposed to extreme conditions regularly, you can probably go a bit longer between haircuts.

In short, maintaining healthy hair involves a good hair care routine, and getting haircuts at the right frequency is a crucial part of that. You should consider your hair type, style, and environment to determine how often you need to get haircuts to keep your hair looking great. Consult with myself or one of our other amazing stylists here at The Warehouse Salon so we can create a customized routine for you! For more information and tips on how often to cut your hair watch our salon owner Nick Mirabella on our YouTube Channel @thewarehouse. salon. Watch it here

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