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    2 products
    Reuzel Wood & Spice Aftershave 3.38oz.-The Warehouse Salon
    Reuzel Wood & Spice Aftershave 3.38oz.
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    MVRCK Cooling Aftershave 2.5oz-The Warehouse Salon
    MVRCK Cooling Aftershave 2.5oz

    After a close shave, the skin is left sensitive and vulnerable. To help soothe and protect the skin, many men use aftershave products. Aftershave is typically applied immediately after shaving, and it can take the form of lotions, balms, or gels. Some aftershaves contain alcohol, which helps to sterilize the skin and prevent infection. Others are alcohol-free and instead rely on botanical ingredients to calm the skin. Many of these products also contain fragrances, which can help to mask the smell of shaving cream or dried blood. See our selection and try Aftershave products at The Warehouse Salon.

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