Building A Hair Care Routine - Avoid Product Dependency

by Brianna Thompson

 If you're someone who cares about their hair, you've probably tried different hair products to achieve your desired look or address a specific hair concern. But, have you ever found yourself using the same product repeatedly because you can't achieve the same results without it? If so, you might be experiencing product dependency.

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What is Product Dependency? 

Product dependency happens when our hair becomes reliant on a specific product to achieve the desired look or address a hair concern. It can be frustrating because it limits our ability to try new products and hairstyles. oftentimes these products make us believe our hair wil be fixed and transformed, when really it is only concealing our issues and masking them. Therefore, if we do not use that product, we are in for a bad hair day. 

In this blog post, we'll explore what product dependency is and how it relates to hair products. We'll also provide tips on how to avoid it, and discuss how certain product brands, such as Shea Moisture, can contribute to it.

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Why Shea Moisture & Other Brands Cause Dependency

Shea Moisture is a popular hair care brand that uses natural ingredients such as shea butter and oils to moisturize and nourish the hair. While these ingredients can be beneficial, some Shea Moisture products contain an overload of butter, waxes, and oils that can create product dependency. Instead of addressing the underlying hair concern, these products may only conceal the issue, providing temporary solutions.

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Why You Should Use Water Based Products

Have you ever had an issue with wet frizz? Well, if you didn't know, oil repels water scientifically. This means that when you apply heavily oil-based products it can cause wet frizz. This is why water products will benefit you. Not only is water the key source to hydration, but you will be able to prevent wet frizz. Not only can oils cause wet frizz, but an overload can cause buildup which can result to clogging the hair follicles, preventing hair growth and even causing potential hair loss! This is your sign to use plenty of water when styling your curls, and even if your hair is not curly make sure your products are water based or have minimal oils in them. 

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Avoiding Product Dependency 

To avoid product dependency, we should rotate our hair products regularly. By using different products, we can avoid becoming reliant on a specific one. It's also important to address the underlying hair issues rather than relying on a product to conceal them. Lastly, it's essential to use products that are specifically designed for our hair type and texture to prevent any further hair damage.

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Consulting With a Hair Stylist

As a professional hairstylist, I understand the frustrations that come with product dependency and the desire to have healthy, beautiful hair. That's why I recommend consulting with me to create a customized hair care routine that will not only address your hair concerns but also prevent product dependency.

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During our consultation, we will discuss your hair type and texture, any underlying hair concerns, and the products you're currently using. Based on this information, I will recommend products and treatments that will work best for your hair and address any issues that may be contributing to product dependency. This ultimately means your hair will look good and feel good every day! Not just on wash day. 

One of the benefits of working with a professional hairstylist is that we have access to a range of professional-grade products that are not readily available in stores. These products are specifically designed to provide long-term solutions to hair concerns, rather than simply masking them.

By working with me, you'll have a personalized hair care routine that's tailored to your unique needs, and you'll have the knowledge and guidance to maintain healthy, beautiful hair without relying on a single product.


Product dependency is a common issue that can occur with hair products. By following the tips we've provided, you can avoid product dependency and achieve healthy, beautiful hair. Remember to choose products that address your hair concerns directly, and consult a professional hairstylist, like me, to create a personalized hair care routine that works for you.

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