Things to Know About Dry Shampoo

by Brianna Thompson

Why Dry Shampoo is not "Shampoo."

We all have those days we do not feel like washing our hair and need a quick solution. That's where dry shampoo comes in. Dry Shampoo is simply "convenient," I call it the shampoo in a hairspray form. but is it good for our hair? In today's blog we are talking all about dry shampoo and why it's both good and bad. I'll also be giving recommendations for the best dry shampoos to use on your wash day, or a couple you can use once or twice after wash day. 


Typically, dry shampoo is formulated with alcohol or starch. These ingredients soak up excess oil and grease in your hair, giving it a cleaner, fresher appearance. So, what does dry shampoo do to your hair? Today, most dry shampoos are aerosol sprays that deliver drying agents directly onto your hair and scalp.
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 Fun fact: dry shampoo does not "clean your hair." If your hair is dirty, it's time to shampoo.  To be real with you, dry shampoo is actually meant to be applied on CLEAN hair. That's right, your hair needs to be freshly washed and dry for dry shampoo to work its magic. Dry shampoo is meant to absorb oil as it approaches, to give you an extra day or two without washing. 


Dry shampoo should only be used on your wash day. Whether it is weekly or every 2-3 days. Dry shampoo should not be applied in-between washes. Why? because when you constantly rely on dry shampoo to "clean your hair," you are making it DIRTIER. This is because the dry shampoo is creating a cast and buildup on your scalp blocking the passage for natural oils to come through. This is good when you don't want oily hair, but you when you don't give yourself a break from dry shampoo, or even shampooing, your hair will dry out and ultimately be damaged. You need natural oils for healthy hair and even hair growth! Dry shampoo will block the hair follicles and there will be no opportunity for them to help you achieve hair growth.
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 Dry shampoo can actually cause damage long term. Just like the pores in our skin, buildup can cause damage, dryness, breakouts. This impedes on the health of our skin. Dry shampoo does not easily wash away and needs a good wash. This means using shampoos containing silicones and harsh ingredients will cause more stiffness and buildup, making the hair hard to manage and shampoo properly.  The hair follicles will be completely clogged and will not be able to promote hair growth, like clogged pores cannot penetrate products to benefit our skin.
Specific Dry Shampoos 
Powder dry shampoos are hard to wash away, but what about alcohol based dry shampoos? Well, they do help rid of oils and greasiness, but they also cause a lot of dryness overtime. We can take away oils to prevent oil buildup, but it is not good to completely rid of the hair natural oils, because it makes our hair soft, silky, and healthy! 
Dry Shampoo Causes Odor? 

Dry shampoo may also smell pretty, but its only masking the hair's true odor, and may even pronounce the odor more! It mixes with environmental odors and may make your hair smell worse. If you did not shower for two days, would perfume help? It would actually make it worse. Same thing with hair. Let's just say, dry shampoo will not save your dirty hair. 
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Wow, dry shampoo comes with color? This will help upkeep my color, right? Sadly, dry shampoo may actually make it dull. I get it, it is convenient and will help you cover those greys, but it is not going to look true to tone and will just create a cloud over your hair and give you nothing but itchy buildup when overused. 

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Here are my personal favorites that will help your hair stay clean for longer (without needing to use a lot) 

Just to keep it simply, when your hair is dirty, just wash it. Going every other day to every 3 days is manageable. Or if your hair is curly or you have a high maintenance color, try looking into new hairstyles that will hide the oils, and keep your hair looking good before your weekly wash routine! 
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Shampooing with a safe deep cleansing shampoo will help you clean any buildup of product, oil, or powder from your dry shampoo use. Then follow up with a second shampoo to fully clean all debris. Remember, minimal dry shampoo is always better! If you ever decide to use dry shampoo, make sure you take extra care of your hair during your next wash day! For more tips on hair health read my blogs and follow me on ig @briannalovesbalayage_ 

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