Truss Net Mask 19.4 oz

Truss SKU: 7898947943718
Truss Net Mask 19.4 oz-The Warehouse Salon

Truss Net Mask 19.4 oz

Truss SKU: 7898947943718
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Truss Net Mask instantly reconstructs the hair’s most damaged areas. Added moisture seal for frizz control. Protection and shine layer. Clean, subtle fragrance. Intelligent hair repair. Provides a nano-replacement of the proteins and nano-regenerates damaged hair strands, restoring the elasticity, strength and bringing back a natural hair look. It seals the hair cuticles, prolonging hydration with intensive shine. On coarse, curly or coiled hair types, it helps define and separate curls. On all other hair types, it delivers controlled, silky, shiny results.


Professional Use
1. Spread a small amount on the palms of your hands and join and separate your hands, which is fundamental to activate the formula.
2. Gently clap your hands so that the fiber covers the entire length and ends of the hair.
3. Massage onto hair. Leave on hair 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse well.

Home Care
For home use, after shampooing, activate the formula by rubbing it on the palm of your hands and apply directly to your hair. Massage. Wait 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse well.

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