TRUSS Curly Light, 8.8 floz

Truss SKU: 813218020384
TRUSS Curly Light, 8.8 floz-The Warehouse Salon

TRUSS Curly Light, 8.8 floz

Truss SKU: 813218020384
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Truss Curly Light is a curl activator leave-in for a matte finish. Definition, softness and shine. Defines curls in wavy and curly hair, reduces volume providing softness and shine. A great ally for undisciplined, dry hair and split-ends prevention.

Features & Benefits:
Fixation Polymer: resin responsible for forming a flexible film and conditioning, providing body and smoothness.
Bio Affinity Complex: this ingredient has the bioaffinity of construction with the hair, rebuilding its internal structure. It provides phytonutrients that repair damaged cuticles, restore hair compromised by chemical processes or external aggressions (such as UV rays, wind, excessive use of hair dryers and hot tools). Restores strength, endurance and natural elasticity, promoting stronger and softer hair. Promotes a lasting shine, prevents brittle tips, forms a protective layer around the cuticle and prevents discolorations.

How to use:

Apply on humid hair, spread well.
If you want to, use a blow dry with a diffuser.

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