Your Scalp is Skin, Too! Hair Care Begins at the Roots

by Angela lagrimas

Today, not washing hair regularly seems to be all the rage with phrases like, "I haven't washed my hair in five days!" proudly flying around locker rooms, offices, and blowout bars. While extending time between washes with dry shampoo saves hair from unnecessary heat damage, chemical stress, and preserves color, too much time between washing is unhealthy for the scalp. (Conversely, washing too often is also bad.) Caught up in the latest hair care fads, many of us have lost sight of an important factor to growing healthy, beautiful hair: caring for our roots and follicles.

Step 1 - Maintain Hair Follicles

Like the rest of the skin, the skin of the scalp sheds dead skin cells and produces natural oils. If washed too infrequently, these oils and dead cells will clog hair follicles, slowing hair growth. Using a gentle shampoo, hair should be washed at least every two or three days to remove dead skin cells and everyday dirt. Occasionally, a clarifying shampoo like Sudzz FX Nyrvana Purifying Shampoo can be used to remove excess product build-up. 

Although we tend to associate brushing hair with styling, brushing is also good for your roots and scalp. Using a brush with natural (boar or vegetable) bristles to brush the hair and scalp before a shower will improve hair health by promoting circulation around hair follicles, exfoliating dead skin cells, and also by pulling natural oils down to condition the shafts of hair.

Step 2 - Provide Moisture

It is important not to strip away all of your scalp's natural oils when washing hair regularly. To prevent drying out your scalp, condition from your roots to the tips of your hair with each washing. Conditioning your scalp with Snobgirls Normadense Conditioner will not cause it to become overly oily, as dry skin produces more oil. You can also condition your scalp with overnight essential oil treatments. Using oils like rosemary to improve circulation or lavender to help with dandruff diluted in a quick-absorbing oil such as jojoba moisturizes and treats the scalp while you sleep. 

With a little extra time to relax in the shower, you will enjoy healthy roots and strong, beautiful hair. 

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