What is Mousse? How does it Work?

by Brianna Thompson

Hello and welcome back to our Beauty Blog! I want to talk about one of my all time FAVORITE products as a hairstylist in. Can you guess what it is?? 

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Yes, I use it on almost all my blowout services, and I apply it EVERYWHERE. I promise you it is life changing. It will help hold your style in place for days, and if used right it will not make the hair gritty.

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I often recommend hair mousse to my clients who are looking to add volume and body to their hair. But I know that some people may be hesitant to try hair mousse because they've heard horror stories about crunchy, stiff hair. Well, let me tell you, hair mousse is not a scary product if used properly!

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How does Mousse Work?

When you apply hair mousse to damp hair, the polymers in the mousse penetrate the hair shaft and create a thin layer around each strand. This layer adds thickness and stiffness to the hair, making it appear fuller and more voluminous. However, if you apply too much mousse or don't distribute it evenly throughout your hair, it can lead to that crunchy feeling.

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To avoid this, start by applying a small amount of mousse to your palm and rubbing it between your hands to evenly distribute it. Then, apply the mousse to your hair, focusing on the roots and working your way down to the ends It is best to apply section by section taking minimal product at a time for even product distribution. Be sure to use a comb to evenly distribute the mousse throughout your hair.

Another key to avoiding crunchy hair is to choose the right hair mousse for your hair type. If you have fine or thin hair, look for a lightweight mousse that won't weigh down your hair. If you have curly or thick hair, a more heavy-duty mousse may be necessary to hold your style in place. Here are some amazing suggestions to start with: 

Osis Mousse 

Colorwow Bombshell Volumizer 

Kenra Medium Hold Mousse 

Ag Lightweight Cloud Mousse

IGK Curl Perfecting Whipped Cream 

If you're looking to achieve the ultimate volume in your blowout, I highly recommend trying out a hair mousse. With the right application and product, you can achieve a full, voluminous look without any of the crunchy, stiff feelings. And remember, as a hairstylist, I'm always here to provide tips and tricks for achieving your best hair ever! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @themanebri for tutorials, tips and tricks, and bookings for the hair of your life! 

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