Shampooing Before Your Hair Color Appointment: Why It Matters

by Brianna Thompson

When you’re excited about a hair color appointment, it’s easy to forget about the little details. However, one crucial step before your appointment is shampooing your hair. Here’s why it’s so important.


Removes Oil, Dirt, and Buildup

Your scalp naturally produces oils, and over time, these oils can build up on your hair, leaving it greasy and dirty. If you don’t shampoo before your hair color appointment, the stylist will have a difficult time seeing your hair’s true color and will have trouble applying the color evenly. By shampooing your hair beforehand, you’re helping your stylist to see the natural color of your hair, making it easier to choose the right shade and create a more accurate color. It is a best rule of thumb to shampoo the night before and make sure your hair is completely dry. This is to ensure shampoo is not too fresh that it will irritate the scalp. This is due to you manipulating your scalp before getting color applied and may cause sensitivities to those who often have a sensitive scalp. 

Prepares the Hair

When you shampoo your hair, it opens up the cuticle and makes it more receptive to color. This allows the color to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and results in a more vibrant and longer-lasting color. Additionally, shampooing removes any buildup of styling products, which can affect the final color result.

Maintains the Health of Your Hair

Shampooing before your hair color appointment can also help maintain the health of your hair. If your hair is dirty, the chemicals in the color can be harsher and more damaging. This could even be worse if you have used any products with alcohol or other chemicals that may cause more irritation or reaction to the scalp during color processing. When shampooing your hair, you’re removing any buildup and allowing the hair to be in its purest form, reducing the risk of damage from the color.

In conclusion, shampooing before your hair color appointment is essential for a successful and beautiful and seamless result. It removes oil and dirt, prepares the hair for the color, and helps maintain the health of your hair. So, make sure to shampoo your hair before your next appointment, and enjoy your gorgeous, new hair color.

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