5 Ways to Look After Your Hair in Winter

by Angela lagrimas

Cold weather can wreak havoc on your hair and scalp during winter, causing dryness and static. Instead of wrapping your locks in a scarf for the entire season, try these five genius hair hacks that will transform your look instantly.


Tip 1: Cold air plus low humidity equals flyaway hairs that are uncontrollable. Combat this messy look by pushing a dryer sheet through the bristles of your hairbrush. Style as usual for static-free, smooth results.


Tip 2: Moisturizing is essential! SnobgirlsHydramend Prowash Shampoo is enriched with hydrating proteins and essential oils and formulated especially for dry strands. Use a hyper-moisturizing conditioner, like Pureology'Hydrate Conditioner to restore vitality to parched hair. Use a deep conditioner like Sudzz FX's Moxie Reconstructing Conditioner weekly for intense nourishment.


Tip 3: During winter, massages are more essential than ever—for your scalp! To combat dryness, massage a hydrating product, like PRAVANA's Nevo Hydra Pearl Replenishing Hair Oil, to your scalp for about a minute. Be thorough, yet gentle, by kneading the scalp to stimulate blood flow. Shampoo and condition as usual when you’re done to prevent any product buildup.


Tip 4: Silky pillowcases not only feel great, but also benefit your hair during wintertime. They help reduce friction, a war your hair valiantly wages all season long. Silk (or satin) also leaves it less prone to breakage.


Tip 5: Sometimes you just can’t create a stylish look that looks pulled together. The updo, an easy winter option that takes you from desk to date without a hitch, always looks polished. Twist it into a loose French knot and add sparkling bobby pins to dress it up, or try a low ponytail secured with a glittery hair tie.


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