10 Hair Trends We Hope to See More of in 2023

by Brianna Thompson
Every year our industry has many upcoming trends just like in fashion, makeup, etc. The best part of the newest trends is seeing the multitude of hair styles, haircuts, and hair colors that become a part of these fashion trends. Here are my predictions and what I hope to see in the spring of 2023.

Butterfly Haircut 2023 Trend
The "Butterfly" Cut. The butterfly cut is a new version of long layers that create bounce and movement. These are customized carved layers that frame the face and consist of various lengths of layers to create dimension and movement. I see this trend is already popular and will be more integrated throughout the year. This is such a favorite concept of mine because you can create the most volume with these kinds of layers. 

Copper hair trend 2023
Dark coppers are going to make a huge comeback. Alot of people want a very rich tone that is noticeable. This tone gives depth and richness like no other, almost a perfect in-between of something bright, but not too light in tone. Ginger tones also look great with almost any skin type!  If you are looking for a true statement, look no further than going copper!

Great bob haircut
Blunt/Box Bob 

Bobs are making their way back to 2023! Bobs have always been such versatile style that can be done so many ways. Bobs can be anywhere from blunt, textured and wispy, or even graduated to give a voluptuous feel. However, the blunt bob is an iconic statement that adds so much thickness and density on the ends of the hair giving volume and fullness throughout the hair! It is also so easy to style! Truly this one is a favorite of mine.

Blonde highlights
Sorry Gen Z, but the side parts are coming back! The middle part is always a good look, but the side part is definitely slept on! This part gives automatic fullness and volume with almost no effort. It is such a simple way to look glamourous and a little sophisticated. Side parts add a little "bang" to a simple look, like beach waves or a smooth and sleek style.

fringe bangs - The Warehouse salon
Bangs are coming back, but in a softer way. We all love a good bang, but a lot of us also want a look a little classy and simply, but with a little bit more. That is where the "wispy" bangs come in. Wispy bangs help gift softness to the overall haircut but add a little more fun to our client's style. Wispiness adds texture to the haircut and gives more movement to the bangs than having a very harsh blunt line. If you are considering bangs, always start with wispy, you can always be bolder than softer! I love bangs like this because they help enhance the haircut especially when there are feathery layers added!

Expensive brunette balayage 2023 trend
This upcoming year brunettes are coming back with a bang! Many of us think brunette only involves one color and is often "boring." Now we have our "Expensive Brunette," era. With new techniques in place, now we are going to create more rich brunettes, but with dimension! With added face frame highlights or the "money piece," we are putting a new price tag on brunettes. The money piece will be bright and give a true statement to our brunettes, with a added color melt for depth and contrast as well as other highlights of added dimension that will blend it seamlessly.

Blondes always fun, but this year brunettes are going to have the best time! 

melted blonde lived in color | The warehouse salon
Melted Blonde 
This is an extension of our "expensive brunette" inspiration, but for those who are naturally lighter, and want dimension. Many blondes or those with highlights are going to be changing their looks to embrace richness, depth, and even warmth. This is what we call "reverse balayage," where previous blondes are going to want a melty look, on the roots, and more dimension while still remaining bright. The face frame and the ends of the hair are what going to remain the brightest, and the blondest. We are also going to see a major shift in embracing warm tones over an ashy, duller blonde.

The Wolf Cut | The warehouse salon
The Wolf Cut 
We have been seeing curtain bangs and our modern shag this past year, however, there has been a twist to our shag.  In 2023 we will be seeing a new version of the shag called the "Wolf Cut," we started seeing this trend develop toward the end of 2022, and now it is going to make an impact! The Wolf Cut is a bold style that has a lot of edge. The bangs are the true statement of this haircut as it has texture and wispiness, but with a shattered effect., The bangs stand out from the traditional shag as it is often shorter in the middle and gets slightly longer on the sides, framing the face, but flowing out rather than curving in. The layers are also more "shattered" and carved to give a true edgy upbringing to this new look. I am so excited for haircuts like this to show some personality within our guests that have that true "edge."
Bombshell Blowout only at The Warehouse Salon
90s Bouncy Blowout 

Since butterfly layers are coming into styling, it only makes sense to complement it with a gorgeous bouncy blowout. This year whether it is with a blow-dryer, an air wrap, or a hot round brush; everyone is going to want bounce and movement in their hair. This inspired look was super popular in the 90s and early 2000s, and it is coming back with a swing.

Soft Lived in color | The Warehouse Salon
All natural is coming back to style with the "sombre," Sombre is a mix of ombre and balayage, with a natural feel. Usually with this look you only do a highlight a shade or two that is lighter than your natural hair color. This is a beautiful lived in look that adds subtle and soft ribbons of dimension, while adding some brightness to someone's natural features. These natural tones always compliment the skin tone and the eye color so well. 

2023 is going to be the best hair year yet! We have so many new cuts, colors, and styles to give everyone a new look this year. Book an appointment with us today for one of these latest trends, you totally wont regret it. 

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