UNITE Hair 7 Seconds Blowout Crme 7oz.

UNITE Hair SKU: 700371453039
UNITE Hair 7 Seconds Blowout Crme 7oz.-The Warehouse Salon

UNITE Hair 7 Seconds Blowout Crme 7oz.

UNITE Hair SKU: 700371453039
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If blow-drying your hair stirs an entangled mess in your mane and envokes an overcast day in its color, its time to take control. Try Unite 7 Seconds Blowout Creme, a top salon choice for frizz determent and blowout preservation.

Unite, a global leader in professional hair care has formulated this remarkable product to effortlessly keep hair strands intact while drying wet or styled hair. It enables individuals with naturally frizzy hair to achieve a longer-lasting finish without eliminating shine.

Instead of weighing your hair down with the added product, this lightweight creme glides evenly into your hair with a brush and disperses throughout. After application, the formula reduces the time spent normally drying hair, a particularly useful benefit for those with thick hair.

For the best results, wash and condition hair with Unite 7 Seconds products. Apply the creme evenly throughout damp hair and comb or brush from the roots to the tips. Section hair and blow dry with a paddle brush from the roots outward until completely dry.

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