Why The Revlon Round Brush Blow Dryer & Other Brands May be Damaging Your Hair: A Comprehensive Guide

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A Cult-Favorite Hairstyling Tool

The Revlon Round Brush has been around for years; however, I do not feel that they have taught their audience how to use it properly! Over the past year during this Revlon trend, I have had many guests express concerns of hair damage.

While consulting with my guests I have found out that they use this tool constantly, even with heat protection, and experience major frizz, dryness, and even breakage.

Revlon and other brands have caused a lot of tension and pulling on their hair. It can also get HOT. This tool can be very damaging if not used properly.

The problem these brands have encountered is that they have not explained to their audience how to use the tool correctly. These products have been promoted to dry the hair and style it all together. Sadly, this is not true. 

This tool was made for easy styling, but it can really affect the health of your hair!

Revlon Alternatives

If you're ready to give up the Revlon and purchase some higher quality tools and or a traditional blow-dryer, here are my personal suggestions: 


 Parlux Blowdryer ( I use this one Behind the Chair, super light and durable with greay power!) 

Read my review about this amzing dryer in my Blog: Why You Need to Invest in a Good Hair Dryer

Hot Tools Blow-dryer Brush (your better alternative to Revlon ) 

Find more of my favorite tools in my blog: Best Hot Tools | Recommended by The Top NJ Hair Stylists



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Here are the best tips when using the Revlon Blow Dry Brush or similar tools: 

- DRY your hair first. I know this is counter intuitive, but it is important to use this tool on dry hair. It is made to give volume and style, not dry your hair for you. Make sure you rough dry your hair at least 75-80% before using this type of hair tool.

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- Do not use this tool every day. This tool will constantly pull and snag the hair which can cause breakage. Maybe aim for only a couple times a week. 

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- HEAT PROTECT, heat protection is important for all heat styling, but these tools have direct contact with the hair, and it needs to be protected. Read my blogs for recommended products to find a good heat protectant for your hair. Here are some of my favorite heat protectants: 

Milk Shake Incredible Milk 12 Effect Leave-In Treatment 

Milk Shake incredible milk is an intense leave-in spray mask hair treatment that performs twelve actions: protects hair from UV rays; repairs all hair types; maintains color; protects from heat; detangles; maintains hair style; adds maximum shine; creates body and volume; controls frizz; banishes and prevents split ends; easy straightening; and smooths the cuticle.

How do you use Milk Shake Incredible Milk?

  • Apply to clean damp hair
  • Distribute and follow with the most suitable styling products

Moroccanoil All in One Leave-in Conditioner

Moroccanoil's All in One Leave-in Conditioner. This exceptional, feather-light formula is expertly crafted to provide instant hydration and effortless detangling, resulting in luxuriously soft, smooth, and manageable hair.

Enriched with the rejuvenating power of argan oil, this versatile leave-in conditioner delivers essential nourishment and hydration to your tresses. Its comprehensive formula safeguards against thermal damage and breakage caused by heat styling tools and defends your hair against environmental aggressors.

Key Features:

  • Instantly hydrates and detangles for superior manageability
  • Protects against thermal damage and breakage from heat styling
  • Enhances hair's natural softness, smoothness, and luminosity
  • Infused with nourishing argan oil for a touch of indulgence
  • Suitable for all hair types, including color-treated hair

SUDZZFX ColourFix Spray Leave-in Conditioner

Sudzz FX ColourFix Leave-In Conditioner i sa ultra-light formula rich in FXulites that helps restore hair and defends against daily environmental stresses.

Eliminates tangles, adds body as it smooths and soothes hair. ColourFix3 Complex helps provide maximum protection against color loss, ensuring colour longevity.

Surround hair with all-day protection without adding weight. Leave in or rinse out. Low pH of 3.7 4.2 closes cuticle.

Certified organic homeopathically balanced botanicals of asparagus, parsley, cucumber and sandalwood: Naturally exfoliates, soothes and balances the scalp and skin.

Hydrolyzed Silk & Wheat Proteins: Helps to improve the elastic and binding properties that help strengthen and protect the hair.

ColourFix3 Complex: Protects and preserves semi, demi and permanent haircoloring, extending color longevity.

Aloe Vera, Avocado and Sunflower Extracts: Provides increased hydration.

How to Use

Apply to clean hair, comb through evenly and style as desired.


Markovate – Medium

- Use a medium setting. These products have very high heat settings and is not needed for your hair if you are rough drying first. The higher heat setting will only cause more dryness and potential frizz.  


For the best hair care tips check out these blogs! 

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Overall, the Revlon brush is not the worst thing on the market, it can do the job, do I think there's better options, yes! If you want other options or suggestions leave a comment below or message me on Instagram @themanebri. As long as you follow these guidelines, there is nothing wrong with using a budget friendly product if you are happy with the results, just remember healthy hair is happy hair! 


6 comentarios

  • Dorothy

    I found your article while searching the net to learn why my hair is being pulled out by my revlon Volumizer. When my hair was shorter, it wasn’t a problem, but now with longer hair, I can feel my hair being yanked out of my head!
    Thank you for all of your insight & tips!
    I appreciate it!

  • Alina

    I have used the Revlon brush for about 2 years. I have very thin hair and it’s thinning more.
    I am looking to purchase a new blower since mine broke.
    I was looking into purchasing a Lange, but after reading the BBB reviews, I am hesitate. What do you suggest?

  • Mariah

    I have the revlon dryer. Gives amazing volume yet gets very hot and I have very fine, thin and I do get highlights. I was wondering what an alternative may be or good heat protection that won’t make my hair greasy. I was looking at the Lange dryers but much more expensive. I appreciate any advice.

  • Sherry

    Can I buy more of the conditioner that Revlon furnishes in the Colorsilk box?

  • MaryKate

    What do you recommend as a substitute for the Revlon brush dryer?

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