Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

by Angela lagrimas

No matter what time of year it is, it's possible to have moisturized, healthy skin that glows. These tips will help you optimize your skincare routine for glowing skin that gets noticed.

1. Cleanse

Begin by using a gentle yet powerful foaming cleanser that removes toxins and makeup thoroughly, such as the Nourishing Daily Cleanser by Refinee. Removing makeup at the end of the day is the most important step when it comes to keeping your skin smooth and glowing.

2. Tone

Using a great toner is crucial for balancing and evening the skintone.  The Multi-Active Toner by Dermalogica is infused with hydrating botanicals that soothe the skin and provide an overall balanced look, eliminating bumps and redness.

3. Moisturize

Choose a moisturizer that will fully hydrate your skin without leaving behind a greasy sheen. Active Moist by Dermalogica provides complete moisturization without settling on top of the skin. Simply massage the moisturizer into the skin with a gentle motion and allow it a moment to sink in. The Barrier Repair by Dermalogica is ideal for hydrating sensitive skin without triggering a breakout or leaving your face feeling greasy.

4. Spot Treatments and Masks

If your skin has problem areas, such as a pimple or blackhead, use the Clearing Skin Wash by Dermalogica cleansing gel as a spot treatment. This product dissolves the outermost layer of skin, banishing zits for good, and it can be used in conjunction with your regular skincare routine. A good facial mask is another great way to occasionally treat your skin and provide more heavy-duty moisturizing benefits as needed. The Hydrating Gel Mask by Refinee is cooling and hydrating at once, making it a great two-in-one treatment.

With these simple tips, you will be well on your way to gorgeous, glowing skin. From cleansing to moisturizing, the simple steps are the ones that make the greatest difference.


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