4 Products to Help You Eliminate Stress

by Corinne Shoemaker

Too much stress can do a real number on your health, including by causing weight gain (which can be a big problem for those of us trying to lose a few pounds in the new year). Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can adjust your beauty regimen to ensure happier, more peaceful days in 2016.

Kick stress to the curb with the help of the four products listed below.

1. Give Your Skin A Spa - Day Glow

Double up on face masks to target buildup and oil while keeping your skin moisturized. We recommend Restorative Clay and Gel Therapy by Bioelements which will clear pores and sooth the skin. Give yourself a mini spa ‘sesh by soaking in the tub with your favorite calming tunes while the masks sit.

2. Dial Down With Your 'do'

A fast-acting deep conditioning treatment, like PRAVANA’s 60 Second Deep Treatment, will keep tangles at bay while helping your strands retain -- or revive -- their natural shine. So, no more hacking away at impossible knots with a comb (*phew*)!

Learn six more ways to prevent tangled hair for stress-free mornings.

Try your own version of the “body wrap.”

Apply a soothing balm to your skin, like After Sun Repair by Dermalogica, then throw on some sweats. The body heat trapped by your clothes will allow the hydrating, cooling, and antibacterial ingredients to work more effectively on your skin (and who doesn’t love an excuse to wear sweats?)

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