5 Beauty Resolutions to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

by Corinne Shoemaker

It’s a new year full of new possibilities – including better health and greater peace of mind! There are so many beauty habits you can adopt in 2016 to help you both look and feel better than you ever have. We’ve laid out a few to help you get started…

1. Give Your Strands Some TLC

So, maybe you went a little overboard with the straightener last year and now your hair is paying for it. Don’t worry – your strands aren’t doomed. You just have to do things a little differently. For example, try giving your hair a break from the hot tools every now and again try heatless waves with Kenra's Professional Platinum Texturizing Mist 6 and invest in a deep conditioning treatment like Pureology's Hydrate Hydra Whip. Also, be sure you’re getting a trim every four to six weeks to prevent split ends. Show your hair that you care!

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is essential to your health (which makes sense, considering 60% of your body is made up of the stuff). By not drinking enough water, you will promote the buildup of toxins, pollutants, and waste in your system, making you look and feel sluggish. Of course, the less water there is in your system, the more dry your skin will become (definitely something to keep in mind for the colder months ahead). Basically, because water benefits the body in so many different ways, it should be a top priority in the coming year. Just make sure you are actually drinking water; alcohol and caffeinated drinks (including tea) can dehydrate your skin, so you may want to cut back on both.

3. Wash Your Face Every Single Night

Your skin faces a lot of exposure during the day to more than just makeup – environmental pollution, dirt, oil, germs, and other gross materials all come in contact with your skin as you go about your day. This is why washing your face before bed is a great habit to build in the new year. We recommend using Bioelements’ Flash Foam Cleanser which contains antioxidants and moisturizing elements to keep skin healthy, clean, and hydrated.

4. Use Sunscreen (Even In The Winter)

Want to avoid cancer, sun spots, and premature wrinkles? Sunscreen can help! Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the danger that comes with sun exposure during all times of the year – yep, even winter. Keep your skin safe! Try RayDefense SPF 30 by Bioelements.

5. Catch Up On Those Zzz's

As fun as the occasional Netflix binge can be, sleep deprivation causes big problems for your skin and can make you more stressed. Say yes to a more peaceful year and healthier skin by getting at least seven hours of sleep per night.

What other beauty resolutions do you plan to keep in 2016? If you can think of anyone else who might benefit from this article, please share it!

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