3 Easy Ways to Unclog Your Pores This Winter

by Corinne Shoemaker

Winter is officially here, and the weather is more or less taking note. With colder weather comes dry and more sensitive skin, meaning you are also at greater risk for clogged pores. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Read on to learn three ways you can easily unclog your pores this winter.

1. Switch Things Up With Your Cleanser

Find a cleanser, or try a mask, that contains enzymes. Where conventional acids would dry out the skin, fruit enzymes will leave it clean and hydrated. Try Flash Foam Cleanser by Bioelements which contains pumpkin, papaya, and pineapple enzymes as well as green tea extract (which is rich in antioxidants).

2. Try A Clay Mask

It’s simple and effective. We like Sebum Clearing Masque by Dermalogica. Cooling clay masque helps clear and prevent breakouts. Absorbs excess oils and refines skin texture.

3. Steam Your Skin

This traditional method remains popular for a reason: it works! Fill up a bowl with hot water, tie your hair back, and hold your face over the bowl. Use a towel to blanket the back of your head so that you trap the steam, allowing it to evaporate on your skin. You can also add an herbal laxative to the water before heating it up to help your pores expand.

That’s it – say goodbye to irritated, flaky skin! If you can think of anyone else who might benefit from our tips, please share them.

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