5 Secrets Celebrities Use for Great Skin

by Nicholas Mirabella

Aspiring to have good looking and spotless skin? Which celebrity has a skin you envy most? I bet you wish for such a skin. Worry no more!!! For, today their secrets will demystified. The great looks they possess great were not acquired naturally, but rather, it took an extra effort for them to achieve it.

The celebrities get entangled in this paradox of epic skin. Here are the qualities of a great skin; 

  • High pitch tone and uniformity. Small spots and some elements of blotching should not be visible 
  • Free of bumps and acne that make the skin look detestable 
  • Moisturized. Apply oil and drink enough water.
  • Smooth.  Stay hydrated and avoid too much exposure to sunlight. 

1. Rarely Wash Their Face With Hot Water

Hot water is disastrous to your skin as it may cause redness and some form of irritation. It may also make you prone to acquiring acne and bruises due to the effect of scrubbing. Subjecting skin washed with hot water to a colder environment causes some irritation as some cells get killed in the process. Also, they only use makeup when performing on stage and clean it afterwards. However, if you have to put make up all day due to work ethics, ensure to clean it before you sleep to help your skin regain and exfoliate waste. We recommend Precleanse by Dermalogica.

2. Use Natural Oils To Keep Their Skin Moisturized

However old school they may sound using natural oils such as coconut oil and cotton glove application on the skin leaves it moisturized for longer hours with fewer side effects.

3. Use Natural Elements Such As Fruits Acid To Scrub Their Face

Acid extracted from lemon or pineapple, for instance, is good for your skin as it inhibits sprouting of acne leaving your skin smoother and with a fine texture.

4. They Eat Healthy Foods

Eating is also a bone of contention for most of us who aspire to have great skin as that of the celebrities. What you ingest will have a lot of impacts than what you apply to the skin. The majority of the dermatologist experts advise their clients to eat lots of vegetables and fruits and also to avoid alcoholic drinks and sugary foods as they are threats to a great skin. Ensure to take a lot of water after great meals. Water does not only help in digestion of food but will also help in keeping your skin healthy.

5. Spend Most Of Their Leisure Time In The Gym

Sweating during exercises allows for excretion leaving the skin porous and healthy.

For that dazzling celebrity skin look, consider emulating their daily routine. Discipline is the core principle that guards people with great skin. When your skin itches, don’t scrub it with your hands but rather let the pain get relieved unconsciously, patience with your skin and endurance will help you have a smooth and worth looking skin that will attract honest attention like that of most of our celebrities.

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