How to Look Like You Weren’t Just Crying

by Corinne Shoemaker

Uh-oh. You spent the day binge-watching Disney classics and reliving all the reasons you were emotionally scarred as a child (seriously, some things just shouldn’t be allowed in children’s movies… *cough* like Phil Collins music *cough*). You have to go to that important thing soon and you look like a mess -- all seems lost.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Follow our advice and you’ll walk out of that door as beautifully composed as any princess…

1. Exfoliate Regularly

Grab an oil-free cleansing wipe and use it to eliminate any streak marks left behind by your tears. Go in a circular motion (think of it like buffing). If you had a total meltdown and it seems your makeup is salvageable, then just start clean! 

2. De-Puff

It’s super easy to get rid of puffiness with the right tool. You can use something as simple as an ice cube, tracing your skin from the corner of your eye to the end. For something more effective, and with greater benefits, we recommend Stress Positive Eye Lift by Dermalogica. It diminishes dark circles and puffiness while keeping your skin healthy with powerful antioxidants. You can also place a couple of drops of Visine in your eyes to help reduce redness.

3. Hydrate

If you’re going to re-apply your makeup, you have to do the same with your moisturizer to keep from drying out your skin. Even if it’s only certain areas of your skin, such as under your eyes, you have to stay hydrated! We love Oxygenation Moisturizer  by Bioelements which revitalizes dull skin and helps clear out pores.

4. Use A Sponge

For a flawless application of foundation, use a damp makeup sponge. It will help your makeup look less cakey.

5. Tend to Your Lashes

Your lashes were the first to suffer the onslaught of tears which means they probably aren’t in great shape...if that’s the case, then clean them off and add a fresh swipe or two of your product. If you don’t have any, then try to work with it (clumpy lashes are actually a thing right now). Of course, if that isn’t really your style, you can also try going through them with a pair of tweezers to eliminate clumps.

6. Fix Your Blush

During your sobfest, your blush is likely to have suffered almost as much as your lashes. Simply re-apply if you used powder, or try swirling around any surviving product if you used cream. Just be careful with your application (don’t try for the Pikachu look -- even though Pikachu is totes adorbs).

7. Tone Down Any Redness

Take your concealer and apply a little more than usual under your eyes, over your eyelids, and around your nose. This is critical because crying causes your blood vessels to expand and become more noticeable, which also increases the redness of your skin. So, be a little generous with your application. Finish it off with powder to help keep your makeup in place.

8. Brighten Your Eyes

This can be done easily with a white or nude pencil. Trace your waterline with either of these colors and you will instantly look more composed. You can also try applying a shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes. Use a shade that’s similar to the color of your skin.

9. Bring The Attention To Your Lips

If your eyes need a little extra help, just steal away some of the attention by giving your lips a bold color. Simple!

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