4 Beauty Hacks to a Better Glow with Cilantro

by Corinne Shoemaker

It sounds weird, but cilantro (yep, that weird green stuff you generally reserve for salsa) can benefit the skin a number of ways, especially when skin is very oily or prone to breakouts. This is because it soothes, cools, and brightens the skin while balancing oil levels. It also contains nutrients and minerals critical to healthy skin. The best part is that adding it to your beauty routine is a snap -- just follow our simple guide and discover the awesome power of this leafy green!

1. Cilantro Mask

This will work especially for those with skin that is prone to breakouts. The mixture has anti-inflammatory properties and is capable of cooling, calming, and brightening the skin. Simply blend together a spoon of Greek yogurt, two spoons of oatmeal, and a bit of cilantro and cucumber, and you will be good to go! Apply generously to your skin and allow it to sit for twenty minutes or so. Rinse away with lukewarm water and follow up with a moisturizer.

2. Cilantro Scrub (with Honey)

We all know that honey possesses the ability to improve a person’s skin in seemingly endless ways. Add cilantro to the mix and your skin will feel and look better than it has in a long time. Start by blending up half of a stalk of cilantro with a bit of water, then add two teaspoons of brown rice flour, honey, and a gentle soap. Use this mixture as a cleanser daily for any skin type (use up to seven days) to brighten your skin and eliminate dead skin cells.

3. Cilantro Scrub ( with Lime)

Shrink your pores and eliminate dead skin cells with this simple yet effective scrub. Just combine ¼ cup of cilantro with a lime, ¼ cup of virgin coconut oil, and ½ cup of fine sea salt. Blend it all together and work it into any area of your skin using slow, circular motions. Rinse away with lukewarm water and follow up with a cleanser if needed. If you have some of your scrub left over, you can continue using it for a week. Easy!

4. Cilantro Bath

If you want soft, smooth skin, then this is the beauty hack for you! Because milk products contain natural lactic acids, they aid in eliminating dead skin cells. In this recipe, we also add a bit of honey to hydrate the skin. Start by blending together 1 cup of fresh cilantro with 2 cups of buttermilk and a spoonful of honey. Place the contents in a fine mesh strainer and rinse it. To use, just plop it into a hot bath or create ice cubes with the mixture to spread out your use. Lay in the water for about half an hour.

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