5 Reasons Why You Really Need Your Beauty Sleep

by Corinne Shoemaker

With Kindle and Instagram, it’s easier than ever to stay up way past our bedtimes. While all those hot celebrity selfies may seem worth the lost zzz’s, the negative effects of ditching sleep certainly aren’t. Read on to learn why it is critical -- both for your skin and your health -- that you make sleep a priority.

1. Hydration

    If your skin is very dry, a lack of sleep could be a contributing factor. Sleep affects the moisture levels of your skin: the less sleep you get, the lower your pH levels, leading skin that appears more dry and aged. Get your beauty rest! If you suffer from extreme dryness, we also recommend using super-hydrating products, like Beyond Hydration moisturizer by Bioelements.

    2. Nourishment

      Sleeping is vital to the regeneration of your skin. While you rest, your body eliminates and replaces dead blood cells and dead brain cells, as well as clears new pathways in your brain. By getting enough rest, you also lose about 60% more toxins. This means that, in addition to improving your skin and health, getting enough sleep will allow you to think more clearly during the day.

      3. Dark Circles

        Dilated blood vessels lead to dark circles. The less sleep you get, the more discolored the skin under your eyes will become. If you do end up having to stay up light on occasion, use a skin-tightening cream to help fade circles like Total Eye Care With SPF15 by Dermalogica.

        4. Under Eye Bags

          We all know that sleep is related to the formation of under-eye bags, but just how does it happen? Basically, when you sleep face-down instead of on your back, liquid will collect in the trough of your under-eye. This can be remedied by using a sleep mask or by simply learning to sleep on your back. It’s also a good idea to use products that are formulated to tone down puffiness (since we’re all bound to have a few “off” nights on occasion). We recommend Stress Positive Eye Lift by Dermalogica.

          5. Stress That Shows

            Losing sleep can really take a toll on your skin, especially if stress is keeping you awake. This is because you actually need sleep to keep your body functioning properly. If you don’t, your skin will suffer in a number of ways, including from inflammation and breakouts. To keep stress out of your life so you can focus on getting your zzz’s, make sure that exercise is a part of your routine – preferably a few hours before you climb into bed. While exercise is obviously great for reducing stress, it will also tire you out, making it easier to fall asleep later.

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