Weird Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

by Gianna Tino

Nothing makes getting ready simpler than having a couple of quirky tricks up your sleeve. You never know when you might need one of these creative beauty hacks!


Combat Dark Circles…with Lipstick

It turns out red lipstick pulls double duty as a concealer primer. Try this to combat those stubborn dark circles. Lightly apply red lipstick to your undereye area and the inner corners of your eye. Blend thoroughly with a makeup brush. Finish with dusting powder in your skin tone. Farewell, dark circles!


Lengthen Your Lashes…with Cotton Balls

Those cotton balls sitting on your vanity do a lot more than remove makeup. When you want to show off a dramatic eye look, take a clean, disposable mascara brush and run it against a cotton ball, picking up cotton fibers as you go. Apply a coat of your usual mascara, and follow with an application of the cotton fibers. Repeat twice for maximum impact.


DIY Eye Shadow…with Parchment Paper

When you want to easily apply loose pigments to your lids, simply grab a piece of parchment paper (or a film sheet) and cut it into a half circle. Moisten the sheet with a dot of glycerin. Follow with the shadow colors of your choice, applied to the sheet exactly as you want them on your eyelid. Press onto your lids and go!


Numb Your Skin…with Baby Orajel

We all have those little moments in our beauty routines that remind us about the old “no pain, no gain” adage. Be it waxing or plucking, some things are just a total pain. Thanks to good old Baby Orajel, though, you can enjoy a little less ouch. Simply massage a touch of the tooth numbing ointment onto the affected areas, whether it’s the skin around your eyebrows or your upper lip. Wait a couple of minutes for it to numb skin, and revel in painless hair removal.


Heal Dry Lips…with Green Tea

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, but did you know it’s also a dry skin healer? If your lips are constantly chapped, dampen a green tea bag with water, squeeze out the excess fluid, and press firmly against your lips for a few minutes. Your lips will feel softer and simply look better.


DIY Nail Art…with a Sandwich Baggie

If you’ve ever wished you could apply fancy nail art without hiring a professional, you’ve stumbled across the perfect solution. Grab a plastic sandwich baggie and some nail polish. Paint a small design on the bag, like a cute red heart or a sparkling gold star. Allow it to dry. Once ready, press the design firmly onto your nail. Lift gently and you’ll see that the design has transferred to your nail.


Heal Dark Pits…with a Potato

Who knew potatoes were such useful beauty tools? If you suffer from dark armpits, grab a whole potato and rub it onto your armpits regularly. It’s thought that the mild acidity in the potato acts as a gentle, natural bleach, leaving your skin lighter.


Fix Bruises…with Mouthwash

It freshens your breath—and apparently it gets rid of those unsightly bruises, too! If you’ve got a blue or purple bruise, rub a cotton ball soaked with mouthwash directly on the mark. The bruise should disappear when you pull the cotton ball away.


Give Hair Life…with White Powder

That white powder you use to set your makeup also has volumizing properties. If you don’t have any dry shampoo on hand, try this the next time you need to give your hair a little boost. Sprinkle it directly onto flat roots. Then rub vigorously to achieve some lift.