Top Skincare and Makeup Tips for 2017

by Angela lagrimas

With the new year here, it's time to revamp your skincare and makeup for 2017. The best tips for the year are gathered below for your perusal. 


1. Make Hydration A Priority

You probably already know that proper hydration is important for your body overall, but it is equally important for healthy skin as well. Don't just assume that your skin is getting the moisture it needs from your diet. Make sure you focus on skincare products that provide it with extra hydration to help ward off tiny lines and wrinkles while staying smooth and soft. A good moisturizer like Active Moist by Dermalogica doesn't just add moisture; it helps balance the ratio of water to oil with hydrators that adjust to the uniqueness of your skin. 

2. Focus On Probiotics

Probiotics aren't just a trendy addition to some aspects of the healthy and beauty industry. These beneficial bacteria are the key to a healthy body -- including your skin. Look for more skincare products to include probiotics this year including forward-thinking items such as Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum from Bioelements. Infused with active probiotics, it helps skin resist aging while improving its balance. 

2. Brush Your Face

Brushing your body with a dry brush as a way to improve circulation, exfoliate the skin and reduce cellulite's appearance is a technique that moves on to your face for 2017. The key is to choose the right facial brush like Exfoliating Face Brush from Dermalogica for gentle results. 


1. Stock Up On Lip Gloss

While the matte lip has been the dominate trend for the past few years, times are changing for lips in 2017. Whether you prefer to have your lip gloss in a tube like Lip Addiction Lip Gloss from Beauty Addicts or you like the lip gloss palette, we recommend Relation Lips Lip Gloss from Beauty Addicts they add shine, depth, dimension and youthful fun. 

2. Interrupt Your Eyeliner

Whether you are a girl who is true to her jet black eyeliner pencil like Effortless Eyes Eyeliner from Beauty Addict or you like to mix it up by keeping several different shades in your arsenal, this year's newest trend is an application that is called either unfinished or architectural -- depending on which source you choose. You can either use your eyeliner just on the center of your eyes or degrade it along the lower lash line -- the choice is yours!

3. Think Red

While you already have your favorite mascara like Show Off Mascara from Beauty Addicts that makes you look fabulous every time you wear it, consider adding one that has a hint of burgundy for a look that you can take out on the town. Aim for a darker color whose true hue is visible only when captured by the light. 


What's your favorite skincare or makeup tip for 2017? Share the details below!