The Best Mascara Tips

by Gianna Tino
  When you think about your eyelashes, what comes to mind? Most people want them enhanced to the max by adding some mascara. This of course makes them stand out beautifully. You’ve seen all the ads in the magazines with celebrities and models batting their eyelashes that look like nothing you’ve seen in real life. Of course they are usually enhanced by faux lash strips and individuals, or even extensions so don’t be fooled into thinking those are real. If you don’t have the lashes you desire there are some ways to fix this problem. Here are some tips on how to get your mascara to work out wonderfully for you, so that your lashes are similar to the ones in the cosmetic glamour shots.


Choose The Right Formula

  There are so many mascara formulas out there that it's hard to know which one to choose. You have to consider first how you want your lashes to look in the end. Do you want full on volume with lots of body to your lashes? Length? Curling? Something more subtle? Pay attention very closely to the kind of mascara you are buying. It should say right on the package what type of results you’ll get using the mascara.

   Thickening formulas usually provide lots of bulk to your lashes by depositing fibers to make them appear fuller. Lengthening formulas are usually thinner when they deposit the color, so you aren’t going to be able to achieve as much volume with that type of formula. Most people honestly want a combination of length and fullness, so try Beauty Addicts Show Off Mascara.

   This formula is considered an “all-in-one” because it offers exceptional length, volume, and curls with argan oil. The shape of the brush is curved as well to help fan out your lashes, opening up your eyes. It’s considered water-resistant, not waterproof so you’ll need a gentle eye makeup remover or facial cleanser to get it off at night.

  Another quick tip is to never leave your mascara on at night while you sleep. That’s the quickest way to ensure breakage in your lashes leaving you with a scraggly mess in the morning. Time after time of doing this beauty no-no is going to do serious harm to your lashes, even inhibiting their growth. Bioelements Gentle Cream Eye Makeup Remover is the perfect one to have on your vanity to remove all traces of your mascara.


Take Your Time

   Mascara takes some time to apply. Keep in mind that one or two quick swipes is not going to give you the mega lashes you want. You have to take your time. As you apply the layers of mascara they are going to dry slightly which allows you to keep building on the lashes for the drama you crave. Seriously, comb through your lashes with the mascara wand coating them over and over again for maximum impact. You don’t have to keep putting the wand back in the tube either, just pulling it out once will allow you to have enough product on the wand to go through your lashes at least 30 times. Do this on each eye. Less than that will produce lackluster lashes.


Technique Is Everything

 Your technique is vital when applying your mascara. Many people just look directly into the mirror when they apply their mascara. The problem is that you can’t see the root of your lashes, so you might only be coating the tips. That’s not going to lengthen them all the way. You want to hold a hand mirror, look down into it, and apply your mascara at the base of your lash root. That is going to ensure you are giving the mascara a chance to hit your entire lash line from root to tip. Try it the next time you put on your mascara to see a noticeable difference.


The Final Move

  This is the “press and hold” move you need to do when finishing your lashes. After you have applied and moved the wand through your lashes a number of times, you should take the tube or the side of your finger and press up on your lashes. This helps to curl them upward and seals them in place. Hold for at least 20 seconds on each eye. It gives your mascara that extra bit of holding power to open up your eyes for longer, sexier lashes.


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