Tips To Look Fresh From Day To Night

by Gianna Tino

The way you do your makeup during the day is different from a spectacular night look. Sometimes you might have to go from work to a night out, without being able to go home to spruce up your face, and hair. There are some simple tricks you can have on hand in your purse to take a regular day look into something truly special for drinks with friends, a fancy dinner date, or even clubbing for your best pal’s bachelorette extravaganza. All your need are four all-star products to convert your look fairly quickly. Keeping these four cosmetic items on hand in a Beauty Addicts Cosmetic Bag from Brick and Mirror Beauty will easily allow you to dress up your makeup and hair to amp up the “wow” factor, so you are ready for a beautiful night.

1. A Black Liquid Eyeliner

 There is nothing dressier than a black liquid eyeliner. This can take your daytime look into a whole new realm of elegance. If you are skilled enough to learn how to do a winged eyeliner look that can add even more drama to your face. Keeping a steady hand is half the battle, but you can angle the liner to make it easier to apply. Start as close to the lash line as possible, with short strokes going outward, as you line your upper eyelash line. If you need a guide at the outer edge of your eye to do the winged part, use the back of a powder compact that is flat like a ruler to help you control your wing.

2. The Right Highlighter


 The right highlighter can do wonders to make you look special in a jiffy. This multi-purpose product can add quick highlight to cheekbones, underneath your brow, and even the cupid’s bow part of your lips for a lush look. Glimmer Sheers Highlighter by Beauty Addicts comes in four different shades, each with a dual highlighter, for a soft focus result that is glamorous perfection. “Seduce” is a favorite because it’s going to give star power to your regular look.

3. Statements Lips

 When you only have a few minutes to change up your look, the best way to do so is with a statement lip. You probably don’t wear bold reds to the office on a regular basis, but this is a great way to go out at night. Choosing the right red is based on your skin tone, but in general, if you are fair, go with a blue-based red like, Beautiful Lips Lipstick by Beauty Addicts in Femme Fatale. With medium to darker skin, choose a true red that has a warmer undertone, like Sinful.

4. Shine Spray

 If you don’t have a ton of time to fix up your hair, your best friend is a shine spray. This can add volume, smooth down frizz or flyaways, and add polish to your hair after a long day. Spray LiquidLuxe Luxury Mist by Sudzz FX all over your hair to revive your style. If all else fails, grab a couple of pins to do a stylish top knot after you spray your hair, so you’ll look effortlessly chic all night long.