8 Surprising Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

by Corinne Shoemaker

Make your mornings easier with eight little-known makeup hacks to speed up your routine! 


1. Start at the center with foundation.

Wherever you start with your brush in applying foundation is where most of the product will wind up. For best results, start at the center of your face and move outward.


2. Make your lipstick more durable with translucent powder.

After putting on your lipstick (try Beauty Addicts' Beautifull Lips Lipstick), take a bit of tissue and gently place it over your application. Next, take a light powder brush and pat translucent powder onto the tissue. The powder will seep through the tissue and allow the lipstick to set for an extended period of time.


3. Tape.

It’s so simple yet few people tend to think of it. If you have trouble getting your liner and shadow right, just take a bit of tape and apply to the ends of your eyes before applying makeup. When you finish, remove the tape and admire your easy, gorgeous look!


4. Use white/nude eyeliner.

While you can use lots of different makeup tools to help your eyes appear bigger, the easiest to apply when you’re in a rush is eyeliner. Specifically, nude or white eyeliner. Either of these colors will instantly give your eyes a wider and more awake appearance. Just grab a shade and trace it on the water line, then head for the door.


5. Diffuse blush with a highlighter.

If you’ve found a blush that you just need to have (like Sleek Cheeks) but want it to look a little softer on your skin, apply a highlighting powder to your cheeks before adding the blush. This will help diffuse the color so that you can get it just right.


6. Apply eye concealer in a triangle.

How you apply concealer beneath your eyes can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your makeup. Start by drawing an upside down triangle, then blend it in. This technique will enlarge the appearance of your eyes and make you look less tired. To further soothe and “plump” the skin, use Beauty Addicts’ Double Deception Concealer (which utilizes such powerful ingredients as green tea and dermaxyl to do just this).


7. Apply concealer before eye shadow.

Again, this is a simple trick that isn’t known by many. Sometimes, even with a primer your eye shadow will look dull. That’s why you should add a bit of concealer beforehand to help to correct any discoloration on your lid. Simple!


8. Catch falling eye shadow.

Apply some eye cream underneath your eye (we like Caffeine Blast Eye Gel by Clinical Care Skin Solutions), then place some tissue on top of it. The tissue will stick to your skin and catch any eye shadow that falls during your application.


If you find these tips helpful, please share them!


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