6 Ways You're Totally Ruining Your Contour

by Corinne Shoemaker

As beautiful as contouring is, it can be very difficult to master. Read on to learn six common contouring mistakes to avoid so that you can fake the perfectly chiseled cheekbones you’ve always wanted.


1. Your powder isn’t the right shade.

Many women will pick a contour powder that is too dark, thinking the shade will work universally. However, contour powders come in different shades to match your skin tone. If the color is too harsh it won’t look natural, so always pick the softer shade.


2. There’s too much shimmer.

You should always be careful when applying shimmery powder to your face, but especially when you are contouring. Apply too much and the shadow you are trying to add to your skin will be lost. This is because the two work against each other. While one is meant to highlight your cheekbones the other is supposed to add contrast. Use matte powder for your contour.


3. You use bronzer instead of contour powder.

Despite what you may have been told, you should never use bronzer in place of a contour powder. The result will be an ugly orange color. Bronzers are intended to warm up your, whereas contouring products are meant to give your cheekbones more depth with cooler coloring. Don’t make this easy mistake!


4. You go over-board.

Keep your cheekbone contour simple and subtle. Going over-board in this area will make the lines on your nose look too pronounced and obvious. Using an angled brush will help you keep application soft.


5. Your skin looks patchy.

Too much moisture on your skin is detrimental to even powder application, and your face could wind up latent with patches and streaks. Since you can’t blend it, you’ll have to start over. This can easily be avoided if you soak up any excess moisture on your skin prior to contouring. Just take a dry tissue and press it to your cheeks, or apply a transparent powder.


6. You use too much blush.

Using too much blush will make the rest of your makeup look obvious and less natural. Moderation is important. Try Sleek Cheeks Blush by Beauty Addicts -- it is formulated to absorb oil and minimize the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. 


If you know anyone else who could use these tips, please share them!


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