10 Beauty Problems Solutions

by Nicholas Mirabella

It's not easy being pretty!  From trying to keep your makeup perfect all day to dealing with large pores, we have the solutions to 10 of the most annoying beauty problems you may be facing. 

  • Raccoon Eyes- Throughout the day oils around our eyes can smear eyeliner and mascara causing the dreaded raccoon eyes. To prevent this from happening apply a translucent powder underneath the eyes. The powder will absorb any excess oils that can smear your makeup. If your eyeliner is a slicker consistency you can also set it with as eye shadow so it will stay put throughout the day.  
  • Faded Lipstick- Lipstick is a fun way to brighten up a look except when it starts to fade within a few hours. Lip primers will help any lipstick you apply to stay. You can also apply a lip liner in a similar shade all over your lips to help prevent fading from happening. The Liner creates a base for the lipstick and will keep the color for longer. 
  • Visible Pores – large pores can ruin a makeup look but luckily it is an easy fix. Apply a face primer all over before you start your foundation routine. Face primers smooth out imperfections in the skin making your foundation look more even. Primers will also help keep your makeup in place.
  • Streaky or uneven application- Uneven application usually begins with your applicator. Dirty makeup brushes can make application streaky from the leftover product on the brush. Make sure you wash your brushes at least once a week with a proper cleaner. Proper cleaning will also help your brushes last longer and keep your makeup cleaner.
  • Razor bumps and ingrown hairs- Razor bumps and ingrown hairs happen to the best of us. The main reason that these bumps appear is that you don’t properly lubricate. Using a shaving cream keeps the razor from pulling at the skin and also keeps skin moisturized. For ingrown hairs you simply need to exfoliate often. Exfoliating gets all the dead skin off and will keep hairs from growing in the wrong direction.
  • Broken compact- When makeup compacts or eye shadows break it can be a nightmare. To fix a broken compact add a little bit of rubbing alcohol, mix it with the product to get rid of any chunks. Leave the powder out overnight and by morning your compact will look brand new.
  • Eye shadow fallout- Fallout from eye shadow is frustrating especially when it ruins the rest of your makeup. Doing your eye makeup first then applying foundation can keep your look cleaner. The foundation will easily remove any shadow that has fallen under your eyes. Applying a generous amount of loose powder underneath your eyes can also help. After you’re done applying the shadow grab a fluffy brush and swipe away the powder. 
  • Clumpy mascara- This is one of the most common beauty annoyances and it’s simply from too much product or over application. Make sure that you wiggle the wand from the roots to the ends this ensures even application. Too much product on the brush or over applying can also make mascara clumpy. Also make sure you remove all of your mascara the night before, applying fresh mascara to makeup left over from the night before will give you clumpy results.
  • Cakey Foundation- Foundation that is caked on is never flattering. First off do not use a lot of product, cakey foundation comes from using way too much product. Using only a little bit start at the center of the face and work the foundation outwards. This puts the foundation where you need it most and won’t be a heavy application. If you already applied too much foundation, spray your face with water and blot excess product with a tissue or sponge.  
  • Creasing eye shadow- Oils are the reason behind eye shadow that creases. Make sure to use an eye shadow base, this will matte out the skin and keep eye shadow from moving. If your shadow has already creased, use your finger and blend out the crease. This will not stop the creasing from happening but it will clean it up.