How to Get Glam Makeup in Minutes

by Corinne Shoemaker

Having a busy schedule doesn’t mean your makeup has to suffer. If you need quick ways to give your face a stunning makeover, then you’ve come to the right place! Follow our tips and watch the video below so that you can look bright and flawless in minutes.

Step One: Prep and Prime

Start with a clean slate: wash and moisturize your face to get rid of dirt and dead skin-cells. Next, go over it with foundation (we love Beauty Addicts’ Face2Face Foundation which contains vitamins A and E, as well as green tea to soothe and protect your skin). Go over your dark circles with a concealer and set it with a powder to avoid creasing. Finally, apply primer and eyeshadow to your eyelids.

Step Two: Details

Brush out your eyebrows and fill them in. Follow this up with contouring and highlighting, then give yourself one or two coats of mascara. Finally, line your lips for definition and apply lipstick.

Step Three: Make Your Look Stand Out

There are plenty of easy ways that you can give your makeup a unique look. For example, try giving yourself wine-kissed lips: exfoliate your lips by rubbing them with a damp washcloth, then apply dark lipstick (like Beauty Addicts’ Sinful lipstick) and a balm to add shine. You will instantly have a more mysterious, sophisticated look.

If you want a more dramatic look, trace a metallic eyeliner along your upper lash line and a glittery eyeliner along your lower one. You don’t even have to add eyeshadow – just throw on a couple of coats of mascara with a neutral lipstick and all eyes will be directed at you.

Of course, if you prefer a natural look, just add blush and a rosy lip balm!

That’s all there is to it! Check out this video to see the finished look:

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