5 Makeup Tips for Great Selfies

by Nicholas Mirabella

Taking great selfies can be a tricky business – especially when it comes to your makeup. With a few slip-ups, it doesn’t take much more than bad lighting to ruin your look. That’s why we decided to whip up a guide that will almost guarantee the perfect selfie – and keep you looking great in those surprise Facebook tags as well!

  1. Show your skin some love

It’s no secret that moisturizer is a must for healthy skin and that makeup works best only when you stay hydrated. However, you want to steer clear of SPF if flash or uncontrolled lighting will be involved. We recommend ControlZone Oil Control Moisturizer which is made specifically to combat oil while calming and rejuvenating your skin. You may also want to apply a primer to help conceal uneven skin. This is great for photos in particular because it gives you a nice glow.

  1. Use natural light

Natural light is very important if you want to apply just the right amount of makeup. Indoor lighting can do a lot to change your appearance and will consequently affect how you look in your selfies. For example, it may dull the colors of your makeup, causing you to use more than you need. Grab a mirror and go outside (or find a window) for the best results.

  1. Use mattes

Mattes are colors that contain no shimmer or sparkles which helps prevent shine. Try Beauty Addicts’ Flawless Cover Pressed Powder; with its smooth, velvety texture, and chamomile infusion, this formula feels great and looks natural. Of course, you also want to avoid any glittery or shiny products, or only use enough to slightly accent your features.

  1. Emphasize your eyes

Your eyes are one of your best features, so show them off! Try fake lashes or just add a few extra coats of mascara.  You could also do a little contouring, focusing on the crease of your eye socket. Beauty Addicts’ Pro Eye Blender Brush is perfect for the job as it is made with gentle bristles that will seamlessly blend your eye shadow without irritating your skin. Pick a nice, deep shadow to really make your eyes stand out!

  1. Balance out everything else

Your eyes should stand out against your other features, but otherwise, don’t go overboard. If you go too bold with your blush or eyebrows, you won’t be able to focus on anything else!

Do you have any makeup tips for snapping the perfect selfie? We would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment.

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