Balayage Explained- What is a Root Shadow?

by Brianna Thompson
Hair coloring techniques have come a long way over time. We have so many techniques and styles to achieve results. However, this blog is aimed to my lived in girls who are low wmaintence and love that "balayage," or "sun kissed," vibe.  One popular combination that hairstylists like me love, is a root shadow with balayage. If you're wondering why we recommend this, let's dive into it!

Balayage is a highlighting technique where the hair is painted with a freehand technique with or without the use of foils Meanwhile, a root shadow is a technique where the hairstylist colors the roots of the hair with a darker shade.

Blended Color

A root shadow creates a more natural look, just like balayage is supposed to achieve a sun-kissed effect. However, sometimes if the transition from roots to highlights is too harsh, it can appear too stark. A root shadow makes the transition more gradual, resulting in a softer, more natural look.

Longevity Of Your Hair Color

Another benefit is that it can make your balayage last longer. As your roots grow out, the darker shade of the root shadow will blend with your natural hair color, making the grow-out process less noticeable. This means you can go longer between appointments and save time and money.

Adds Depth & Dimension

Adding a root shadow can also add depth and dimension to your hair. The darker shade at the roots creates a contrast with the lighter highlights, giving your hair a multidimensional effect.
Customized Results

 Hairstylists can customize the look to suit you. The darker shade used for the root shadow can be tailored to your natural hair color and skin tone, creating a unique and personalized look.

Adding a root shadow to your balayage appointment can create a more natural look, increase longevity, add depth and dimension, and provide customization. It's a popular choice for a reason, and now you know why!

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