Expectations When Picking a New Hair Stylist.

by Faith Cancro

Usually, the search for a new hairstylist starts with a recommendation from a friend or maybe the discovery of an impressive Instagram portfolio. Maybe the friend whose hair you love has long, thick, smooth, perfectly highlighted blonde hair. For argument’s sake, let’s say your hair is curly and coarse and dark brown. While that’s all well and good, it is important to maintain realistic expectations when planning your next visit to the salon. Different hair yields different results, no matter how similar you’re trying to make your look. Be aware of your hair and its capacity.


If you found your new stylist on social media somewhere, it's important to remember that social media is a highlight reel! If there are 5 pictures posted, there are probably 500 other pictures that did not turn out how the stylist wanted them to. Along with that, you’ll probably notice a theme. All the same kind of hair- all short, all curly, all fantasy colors, etc… It’s helpful to look for a stylist that works with your type of hair. Like I said, if you have thick, curly hair, but the stylist you’re interested in’s page is all smooth, naturally soft hair, they might not be your person. Another thing is, it never hurts to ask for help. Going in for a consultation and getting some advice from the professional him/herself is a good place to start if you’re feeling discouraged about your hair (see The Art of Consultation) Collaborating with your stylist and figuring out what’s best for you will make you feel 100 times more confident than trying to achieve a look made for someone else. 




Try to go into an appointment thinking about the possibilities for your hair. Try not to compare your hair to someone else’s. Iyanla Vanzant says “Comparison is an act of violence against the self.” Read that again. You are not helping yourself by trying to get your hair exactly like your best friend, because you are two totally different people. Everyone is dealt different cards in life. Maybe your bestie has the softest hair you’ve ever felt, but chances are you have something she wants just as bad. You have to work with what you’ve got, and what you’ve got is just as beautiful as the next person! Just because somebody’s hair is pretty because it’s thick and long and voluminous doesn’t mean your shorter finer hair is not just a beautiful.


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