What Products Are Best to Invest In- Tips from an Expert Hair Artist

by Brianna Thompson

Hi guys! My name is Brianna Thompson, and I am a hair expert at The Warehouse Salon and Studio 360 Salon. I specialize in hair health as well as custom color. Today I want to chat about what products are most important to invest in at the salon. Should you buy shampoo, or styling products? Find out what types of products I recommend at the end of this blog. For specific product recommendations, read my other blogs or consult with me at Studio 360 in Chatham, NJ. 

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Why should I purchase shampoo at the salon? 

You should consider purchasing from your hair stylist at their home salon because it not only supports their small business, but it actually helps your hair. At the Warehouse Salon we carry the best high-quality brands with no harsh chemicals, and that are budget friendly and high end. If you want upscale products, we got them. If you want GOOD products that work and are not too costly, we got those too! 

Purchasing shampoo from the salon is also insurance that your color will not fade quickly, and that your hair will love you. Salon quality shampoos are proven to enhance the hair's ability to retain moisture and even hold a style better. Good styling always starts with the shampoo! 

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Why should I invest in shampoo and not styling products? 

At the salon you'll see us using amazing sprays and amazing products that give volume, bounce, texture, or even silk and shine. However, if you had to choose to invest in one thing your stylist recommends, the shampoo will serve you 10x better than our styling products. Would it be great to do both? Of course! However, not everyone styles or wants to spend the extra cost. On the other hand, there is probably one important styling product that should be high quality, heat protectant. 

Heat protectant is a staple for any heat styling, including blow-drying. If you go to the drug store, all of these products are often built from silicones that can weigh down the hair or the products are diluted and will not go through with actually protecting and benefitting your hair. Finding these products are a hassle, so let your hair stylist help you! 

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What if my hair needs more than just shampoo? 

Often times the other most important staple a hair stylist like me would suggest is a hair mask or hair treatment. I only recommend this to guests when they have very bad hair damage from heat or chemical treatments. If my client also is very dry and their hair feels brittle, we would consult on what could be wrong and I would have them leave with a very deep moisture mask to bring home and use once a week.

My overall staples I try to recommend is a shampoo conditioner, leave in and heat protectant, as well as a hair mask or treatment. Styling products are the last products I would prefer my clients to leave with, but if they do I know they will love them too! 

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I simply recommend specific products because I have used them and know how well they work. If my client has products they love, it is totally okay. At the end of the day all that matters is that your hair is happy and healthy, and that your color is not fading too fast. Everyone's hair is different and requires special recommendations since every product works different on every head of hair. For questions and recommendations message me on Instagram @briannalovesbalayage_. We promise you will love our products as much as we do! 

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