Want to Save Money? Buy More Professional Hair Brands

by Corinne Shoemaker

We know, it sounds cray, but hear us out: you don’t need to go cheap on your hair products to save money. Not only that, but in general you can’t get the same results from over-the-counter products as you can from more professional formulas, despite what you may have heard. While popular brands like Suave and Pantene boast ingredients for healthy hair, you may find that they are actually creating more damage in the long run. Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Lies You're Being Sold

The average person might compare the ingredients label on a store product to a professional brand and see very little difference.  After all, ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate and ammonium laurel sulfate sound essentially the same. However, sulfates in general will be very rough on the scalp. If you want to prevent horrors like dandruff and breakage, you need to know exactly what you are putting on your strands. It’s a good idea to avoid sulfates altogether, but the least damaging is sodium laureth sulfate. Unfortunately, you won’t find this in most store products. In fact, sulfates are used primarily to create that nice foamy – and unnecessary – lather that we all like to enjoy in the shower. This is how store brands hope to trick you into thinking that you’re getting a better deal than you would with professional brands. They’re all show and no delivery.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. While many brands are now boasting their use of wonderful ingredients like lavender extract and coconut oil, only professional brands will offer enough of these substances to make a real difference. If you really want to get that “fresh from the salon” look, you won’t get it with the miniscule offering of great natural ingredients found in store brands. Add this to the fact that products like Dove, Pantene, and Garnier have incredibly high pH levels – you want to shoot between 5 and 7 – and those “essential ingredients” might as well be left out. It’s pretty much like you’re washing your hair with laundry detergent (*que horror music*). As you can probably imagine, this will cause a world of damage to your strands, especially if they are already chemically treated. Professional products can mean the difference between dry, broken strands and lush locks.

2. How Pro Brands Save You Money

Now, to get to the main point, you won’t end up spending much more on professional brands than you would store brands, and you can actually save money in the long run. Professional brands (like Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner by Pureology) are much more concentrated and thus require less use to see results. As long as you aren’t putting excessive gobs of the stuff in your hair, or buying into the myth that you need to lather twice, then it should last you much longer than over-the-counter products.

Of course, the more damaged your hair becomes due to products that are of poor quality, the more you will need to invest in repairing it. For example, formulas that aren’t color-safe will send you back to the salon for a fresh dye more than you would need to with professional brands. Those costs can really add up. Essentially, you have to think of your hair products as an investment. Putting in a few extra dollars here and there will ensure that you have greater peace of mind, and a fatter wallet, over time.

That's the scoop! If you can think of a friend that might benefit from this info, be sure to share it. Stay beautiful. 

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