The Truth About Bond Builders & Treatments

by Brianna Thompson

After studying the science of a new product launching at my home salon, I have figured out why my clients still have concerns with damaged and dry hair after the use of bond builders and regular hair masks. These products are still a great use in our industry, but there are important things we need to know about them

Traditional Bond Builders

Traditional conditioning products only conceal and hide damage. As much as they make our hair feel and look great, they do not truly repair the inner structure of the hair Where our polypeptide protein chains and keratin live. Traditional treatments only patch up and hydrate only the outer layer of the hair.


Traditional Bond Builders 

Traditional bond builders only cover up the damage we see, and not what is in the inside of the hair shaft. Regular bond builders only repair the broken disulfide bonds in the cortex that is affected by chemicals or heat on the hair. This can be anywhere from textured services, color services, and heat styling. These products act as a hard glue and will eventually wash out. 

These products temporarily fix the damage by only addressing the surface layer of the hair that you and everyone else can see. However, for healthy hair it is important to address all bonds it is made up of. 

Why You Need a Better Solution

Just like working out we need to address all issues with the body and all muscle groups. Working out will only conceal what can really be happening inside your body. Some people may work out and do all these things to "look good," but that does not mean they are truly healthy unless they are also properly eating and providing nutrients to the body. This same analogy goes toward the health of your hair. It is the inside that will determine the health of your hair. The healthier your hair is on the inside, the better it will look on the outside. 

Why We Suggest K18

At The Warehouse we offer an innovative product that revives the hair inside in out in just 4 minutes! I am sure many people have scrolled upon this product on the internet and may not know too much about it. This product is called K18. This product can be used with any salon service and will repair the hair inside out in 4 minutes. In the salon we use a mist and a hair mask for this service. At home you are responsible to use this mask every 3-4 shampoos to stop ongoing damage from heat, pollutants, chemical services, etc. Damage is always ongoing by K18 will keep your hair healthy and be an easy addition to your routine. Message me @themanebri for more questions about this service add on!

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