The Science Behind Grey Hair

by Angela lagrimas

There is a theory that once you pluck one grey hair, three more return in its place. How annoying is that? Well, considering it’s not technically true might make you feel better. Grey hair can occur on your scalp for a variety of reasons. Some of them are internal factors, while others are external from the environment you live in.

Whether you get your first one at age nineteen, or much later in life, it can be traumatic to deal with. Sometimes it’s just brought on by age, genetics, or even life stresses can trigger grey hairs. The science behind grey hair is simple. Everyone’s feelings behind those little wiry silver strands is much more complex. Either way Brick and Mirror Beauty is here for you with a bounty of products to enhance the greys you want and cover those that you don’t.


Why Grey Hair Happens To Good People

   Grey hair can happen to anyone. Those little buggers can sneak up on you slowly, appearing one by one as you age. The reason grey hair occurs is that melanin in the hair strand is reduced. Melanin is responsible for your hair color whether it’s brunette, blonde, or even red headed in the middle of your hair shaft. When it turns grey it’s due to the fact that the “melotnogenonic clock” slows down. This can happen more so after a person turns 30-years-old, where your chances of getting grey hair increases each decade by 10-30 percent.


What To Do With Those Pesky Grey Hairs

   When you slowly go grey there are a variety of coloring techniques you can use to cover it up fast. If you are under 10 percent grey, then you might consider a semi-permanent color to disguise the grey to blend in with your natural color. When you have more than just a few greys popping up, you might have to turn to a permanent all-over color to cover those strands. Talk with your coloring stylist to find out the right path for you to go on with your hair color journey in your battle against grey hair.


Taking Care of Color Treated Hair

    Color treated hair needs to use special hair care products to maintain its look. Pureology's Colour Fanatic Instant Conditioning Whipped Cream is a perfect one to try because it not only will protect your color, but it will hydrate your strands as well. Grey hair even when colored tends to be dryer than regular hair. You also want to make sure you shampoo and condition with a set of products specially for color treated hair. Kenra's Color Maintenance Shampoo and Kenra's Professional Color Maintenance Conditioner uses key botanicals to protect chemically treated hair. That way it won’t fade as fast between coloring and will be soft hydrated.

     It can also help to use a weekly hair masque to make sure your strands are extra moisturized. As part of Pureology Serious Color Care, try their Hydrate Hydra Whip.  Includes essential antioxidants to defend against colour-fading free radicals, plus full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to help colour-treated hair retain its fresh from the salon vibrancy.


The Future Of Grey Hair

   Keep in mind that scientists are working on new treatments to prevent and target grey hair all the time. So hopefully one day, for those that don't want grey hair, it can easily be prevented by taking a vitamin supplement or using special products. Until that day comes though, we are lucky to have fantastic coloring and hair care options from Brick and Mirror Beauty


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