The Art of Consultation and How to Work With Your Stylist!

by Faith Cancro

It’s hard to navigate changing your hair. As a layperson, sometimes the terminology and the possibilities the salon world has to offer can be overwhelming. That being said, let me tell you right now, telling your hairdresser to “Do what you think is best” is the worst thing you could say.


*Your stylist when you say that.*


Maybe you’re tired of your hair, it’s been the same color for years. Or you want to change the cut but don’t know what would work for you. Maybe you just want to reinvent yourself! Those are all great reasons to get a fresh do, but there is some strategy that goes along with this plan of action.

 Sitting in that salon chair and being asked “What are we doing today?” is probably the most daunting question your stylist could ask you in the situation, so, flip it around. Tell the stylist what you don’t want. Maybe you want to go darker but you know you don’t want to be any shade of red. Or you want your hair to be lighter but you don’t love a short haircut. All these things will help your hairdresser navigate the tricky roadmap that is, an uncertain client.



Another good thing to focus on is the amount of maintenance you are willing to put in to your hair. If you spend two minutes every morning throwing your hair in a ponytail, maybe a cut that requires heat and styling every morning isn’t going to work for you. A new hairdo means you may need to acquire some new skills, and if you’re not necessarily into that, then that’s something to communicate to your stylist. Being honest about this will help you both figure out a good plan of action.



Coming in with about 3 to 6 photos of what you do not want is recommended by hair stylist and salon owner Nick Mirabella, that is, if you don’t know what you do want. If you know what you do want, more power to you, that’s even better. The best thing you can do for yourself and your stylist in situations like this is keep an open mind. Everyone here wants what’s best for your hair, so trust your stylist and trust your gut. If you want to try something adventurous and new, do it! Your hair will come (grow) back but time won’t.  

Check out our video on The Art of Consultation!

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