Six Products That Will Transform Your Hair

by Angela lagrimas

Has your hair gone flat? Are you suffering from dry, split ends or unruly curls? Achieving and maintaining long, luscious locks is especially hard in the fickle and often humid summer months. Though with the help of these six wonder products you might just be able to transform your dull, damaged strands into a beautiful, strong mane.

Snobgirls Bodysense Prowash Shampoo

Great hair begins from the bottom up, strand by strand, achieving supple and shiny locks starts from how you shampoo. Just like you would train your body at the gym, train your hair with the Bodydense Prowash Shampoo. This special potion concentrates on nurturing, managing, and invigorating your strands. The shampoo is designed to add extra lift, volume, strength, texture, and shine to the hair fibers themselves to contribute to your overall hair life.

Like a training regime, the shampoo acts as an optimal support system to enrich your scalp. It has potential to actually repair your intercellular matrix and essential hair structures which in turn inhibit hair fall, dehydration, and weakening. After a couple washes with this wonder shampoo your hair doesn't just appear healthier, the hairs themselves are healthier.

With a sulfate, parabens, formaldehyde, and salt-free formula, the shampoo also protects hair color. Wash after wash, the delivers its potent power through up to 80 washes in each bottle. 

Pureology Hydrate Hydra Whip  

Hair masques are all the rage to truly achieve a hydrating, healing treatment. The Pureology Hydrate Hydra Whip will deliver a moisture bomb to revolutionize your hair. Especially effective on colored treated hair, the masque works to replenish dry, damaged, color-treated with a burst of hydration that revitalizes the suppleness of your strands and keeps your color rich through an AntiFadeComplex

Most importantly, the  Hydra Whip moisturizes without weighing your hair down so you can leave the house with bouncy, gorgeous locks. It's fresh fragrance detangles, conditions, and adds shine while improving your moisture complex. After a few minutes of treatment, your hair develops an irresistibly touchable sheen.

The masque utilizes the power of herbs and natural ingredients like avocado, jojoba, mango butter, peppermint, and rosemary to indulge your stressed out locks.

Sudzz FX AquaFix Hydrating Conditioner 

If your hair is in need of a gentle, everyday treat the Sudzz FX AquaFix Hydrating Conditioner can give it a bunch of tender loving care. The patented formula of this conditioner soothes frazzled locks while it smoothes them for better styling. It does it's best to protect against radical environmental stress that can damage your strands.

A nanoemulsion formula enhances wet and dry compatibility. Sunflower seed oil works to provide the therapeutic and protective properties to keep your hair and scalp safe in the long term. Shea butter add extra moisture into your strands to keep them luscious. 

Kenra Platinum Hot Spray 20  

Drying and heat styling are almost unavoidable foes if you want salon looking locks. Kenra's innovative platinum hot spray system gives you extra thermal protection and a durable, strong hold. We all know the perils of knotted hair snagging on straightening iron residue, you don't have to worry about a matted mane after a couple spritzes with this heat spray. Your locks will glide like silk over irons and underneath blow dryers.

The Platinum Hot Spray also keeps your hair safe from heat damage and nasty UV rays once you step outside. Spray it on before blow drying and styling for a shiny, strong style.

Pravana Nevo Lived-In Powder Potion 

In terms of groundbreaking hair products this new potion really takes the cake. The Pravana Nevo Lived-In Powder Potion is like nothing we've seen before. Made from a 100 percent vegan and gluten-free formula this extremely fine powder changes into a weightless, rich pomade. Especially great for achieving expertly tousled, beachy waves this powder potion leaves behind no grit, grains, or powdery residue like the majority of other volumizing products. It melts in your hand like liquid velvet to give you a stylish mane.

You don't even need to roll around for that second-day, lived-in look minus the annoying flayaways. When you apply this potion to your roots you notice instant texture and volume for all your favorite styles. 

Sudzz FX Marmalade Jazz Dri-Jel Texturizing Pomade 

With such a delicious name as marmalade jazz you may be tempted to taste this pomade. Instead use the SUdzz FX Marmalade Jazz Texturizing Pomade to form your hair into flexible, shiny straight locks or softly defined curls. The pomade provides a strong and purposeful hold while defining curls and waves that are humidity resistant.

Foodie ingredients such as liquid crystallized honey and organic botanicals like parsley, asparagus, and cucumber exfoliate and balance out your scalp for a natural treatment. Auto responsive liposome vesicles contribute high tech conditioners to keep your hair moisturized and shiny. 

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