Questions for Your Hairstylist

by Faith Cancro

No question is a dumb question. Well, actually, some questions are dumb, but it’s better to get the answer to a dumb question than to have no answer at all. The sooner you realize that the sooner you’ll be on the road to bettering yourself. In this case, bettering your hair.

Your hairstylist is there to help- quite literally, at your service.

Your hairstylist knows you and your hair better than anyone, other than maybe yourself and google is only so good. Personally, I prefer getting answers from real people. Here are some questions you might have for your hairdresser are…


What’s a good shampoo and conditioner?

Well, there are a ton of good shampoos and conditioners, but not as many good for your specific hair type. Do you need volume? Do you need hydration? Your stylist can answer that question better than the most specific google search.


How frequently should I wash my hair?

This might take a little bit of training along with some trial and error, but your stylist can point you in the right direction. Some people have to wash every other day, whereas someone else might only have to wash once a week. A quick convo with your hairdresser can help you figure out where you stand.


How do I style my hair?

You wouldn’t be the first to ask. With so many Tik Tok hacks and Instagram reels circulating in your brain, it’s hard to pin point what works for your hair. Maybe you don’t even know where to start with your curly hair routine. Or, your sort of straight sort of wavy hair can’t decide what it wants to be, your hair stylist can point you in the direction of the right products and methods to help you establish a solid routine.


My hair is so dead, what do I do?

It happens to the best of us. Your stylist can recommend a specific treatment that can help. Whether it’s a hair mask you can do once a week or a treatment you might need to take a self-care day for and go into the salon, they’ll lead you in the right direction.


What do I do with my hair?

Now, going into your hair appointment with absolutely no idea whatsoever is not necessarily the most ideal for your stylist (see how to be a client your hair stylist loves), it’s okay to ask for guidance. If you’re wondering what color would look good with your skin tone, what cut might flatter your face shape the best, or maybe what matches the trend is this season, that’s a great conversation to have with your stylist.

 How do I maintain my color?

Whether it’s fewer washes, a specific purple shampoo, or another product or method, your stylist will know what to do.


Always ask! Your stylist would rather you ask the simple questions and take the best care of your hair than the alternative.

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