Pre-Workout Hair Tips Suggested by a Hair Professional

by Brianna Thompson

Gym-Ready Glam: Your Pre-Workout Hair Prep Plan

Hey fitness enthusiasts! We know the struggle – you're all about that gym life, but you also want your hair to look as fierce as your workout. Well, guess what? We've got your back! We tapped into the wisdom of our favorite stylists to bring you the ultimate guide to prepping your locks for a sweat sesh. Because why not look fabulous while breaking a sweat?

1. The Proactive Dry Shampoo Hack

Who says dry shampoo is just for post-gym refreshment? Our stylist insiders spill the beans on using dry shampoo before your workout to absorb excess oil before it even starts. A few spritzes, a quick rub, and you're ready to hit the treadmill without worrying about post-workout oiliness. Genius, right?

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Things to Know About Dry Shampoo


Dry Shampoo Is The Best Thing Ever Invented, K Thanks

2. Braids and Twists: Stylish and Practical

When you're gearing up for that intense workout, the last thing you want is your hair constantly getting in the way. Our stylists recommend rocking braids or twists as a stylish and practical solution. Not only does it keep your hair off your face, but it also adds a touch of flair to your gym look.

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3. Pre-Workout Hair Mask Magic

Why wait for the post-gym pampering when you can treat your hair right from the start? Our stylists swear by a pre-workout hair mask to give your locks an extra boost of nourishment. It's like a pre-gym spa session for your hair – talk about starting your workout on a high note!

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4. Prime Your Pony: A Gym-Ready Classic

For a quick and easy pre-gym hairstyle, our stylists suggest a primed ponytail. It's sleek, it's chic, and it's gym-ready. Secure it with a snag-free hair tie, and you're good to go. Effortless elegance meets practicality – the perfect combo! A great product to use to achieve a nice smooth pony is the Milk Shake Lifestyling Smoothing Cream 


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5. Condition and Protect with a Pre-Workout Leave-In

Give your hair the conditioning it needs before the workout even begins. Our stylist-approved tip? Spritz on a leave-in conditioner to keep your locks moisturized and protected throughout your exercise session. Because conditioned hair is happy hair, even when you're breaking a sweat. Here are some great leave ins to consider: 

Moroccanoil's All in One Leave-in Conditioner. This exceptional, feather-light formula is expertly crafted to provide instant hydration and effortless detangling, resulting in luxuriously soft, smooth, and manageable hair.

SUDZZFX ColourFix Spray Leave-in Conditioner  

Sudzz FX ColourFix Leave-In Conditionerisan ultra-light formula rich in FXulites that helps restore hair and defends against daily environmental stresses.


SNL gif. Chris Farley is dragged in drag and he sexily combs through his long blonde hair with his hands.

There you have it, fitness fashionistas – your go-to guide for prepping your hair before you hit the gym. With these expert tips, you can conquer your workout with confidence, knowing your hair is on point. Because let's face it, you deserve to look fabulous at every stage of your fitness journey.

Get ready, get set, and go glam at the gym!

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