Keratin Treatments 101

by Jane Moss

What’s keratin? Technically, keratin is a fibrous protein, the main structural component of hair and nails. Humans aren’t the only ones whose bodies are capable of producing keratin—it’s also what hooves, horns and beaks are made of (when we talk about our featured and furry friends).

But enough about Biology 101. You’ve probably heard the term “keratin” tossed around when people are talking about salon keratin “treatments.” In human hair, keratin can actually become damaged when hair is over-processed. A keratin treatment, administered in the salon, can restore this vital material. It can literally make hair feel healthier in one treatment, especially hair that’s been treated with dyes, blow dryers, hot irons and rollers.

Sometimes referred to as a keratin straightening treatment, it’s actually a chemical process that’s best when done in a salon setting. The keratin coats the hair follicle, filling in damaged and porous areas. This leaves the hair feeling like itself again, stronger, straighter and sleeker. It also cuts blow-out time considerably. Frizzy, dead-ended hair, which is so much more evident during the humid summer months, goes away and the result it a look that’s natural and smooth.

The best way to decide if a keratin treatment is right for you is to talk to your stylist. At Brick & Mirror Beauty, we’ll be happy to discuss your individual needs and answer any questions you may have. We’ll also discuss the best product for your hair type and what you can expect from the treatment.

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