How to Tip at the Hair Salon

by Jane Moss

Your hair is done—your new style is glorious and you’ve never looked better. You’re happy with your stylist as well as the stylist’s assistant who washed, rinsed and conditioned your hair and may have applied a glaze or toner. It’s all been worth the effort—but now you’ve got to do the math. You know you should tip, but who do you tip what’s the proper amount?

Here’s a little tip on tipping—after all, you come to our salon to get gorgeous, not to do math. If you’re happy with your look and the services you’ve received, the traditional amount to tip is 15 to 20% of the total. That means if you tip 20% on a cut and color that was $200, the tip would be $40.

As is the usual scenario, at least two people will be working on you. Here’s how we divide that up at Brick & Mirror Beauty—of that $40, $30 will go to the stylist and $10 to the assistant. You can either give it to both of us directly or you can hand it to the stylist and let them do the math. We use an envelope system—available at the reception desk—that will let you write down any instructions you may have.

In those rare cases where you’re less-than-happy with the result, we still recommend a 10% tip. But we hope that never happens. At Brick & Mirror Beauty, we’re dedicated to your happiness and are committed to our customers’ total satisfaction. We will make sure you don’t leave until you’re happy. Because your happiness is our happiness—and it keeps us coming back day after day.

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