How to Save Time in the AM with Beauty Products That Have More than One Use

by Gianna Tino

These days, convenience is everything. We’re so pressed for time that we eat breakfast on the go (or skip it altogether) and attempt to apply a full face of makeup in the car. Is it any wonder we’re all a little overwhelmed by the time we plant ourselves at our desks?

With these time-saving beauty products, you can finally get back into your old routine—and feel more beautiful than ever. We’ve rounded up some multifaceted beauty products from Brick & Mirror, all designed to make life easier on those mornings when it feels exactly the opposite.

Tired eyes and a sallow complexion are clear giveaways of a less-than-stellar night’s sleep. If you caught a glimpse of yourself in the company bathroom and feel a little downtrodden, you may just need a quick perk-me-up. Grab a tube of lipstick and apply three dots onto the apples of your cheeks. Then blend to perfection until you achieve a rosy glow. We’re partial to Beautifull Lips Lipstick by Beauty Addicts in Flirt—it delivers a bronzy coral hue that’s perfect for summer.

You’re traveling and realize there’s no shave gel around. It’s also 90 degrees outside and you have no plans to cover up your legs. Work your way around this problem by grabbing the nearest bottle of conditioner. The hydrating emollient doubles as a shave emulsion in a pinch, allowing you to glide your razor smoothly and leaving skin so supple that you may not even need lotion later. One to try: Travel Size Pure Volume Conditioner by Pureology.

Your skin is so dry that you basically can’t leave the house without shrouding yourself in some sort of velvety moisturizer. That alone takes time—but if you aren’t taking all of the necessary precautions to prevent dryness, you might just be wasting precious time. Begin by sloughing off dead skin cells that accumulated over time. The invigorating Volcanic Mud Soap by Bioelements contains finely ground oatmeal and natural oils to exfoliate, soften, and cleanse skin all at once. You’ll feel the difference instantly, and you may not even need all of that lotion after all.

If your brows are looking a little sparse because you went a little crazy with your tweezers, you can fix the problem in a flash with eyeliner, such as Beauty Addicts Effortless Eyes. Whether you’re using it to fill in your eyebrows or line your waterline to enhance your eyes, this is the ultimate multitasking tool. In a pinch, you can even use a brown eyeliner pencil to lightly contour your cheekbones—just be sure to blend like a fiend. You can even use a brown pencil to create faux freckles and give yourself a quick, temporary makeover.

Hairspray is your BFF on a windy day, but it’s also one of the most efficient multitasking beauty products out there. Use your hairspray of choice—we like Kenra's Platinum Finishing Spray 26 —to prevent that run in your tights from getting worse or even to eliminate the static that’s causing your dress to cling uncomfortably to your legs. It’s also the best thing ever to tame wayward strands of hair and maintain your style from AM to PM.

Few products are worthy of using just about everywhere, but Beauty Addicts Glimmer Sheers Highlighter is perfect for brightening up your complexion, your eyelids, and your cheekbones. This petite compact packs a punch with a pair of complementary colors: one produces a shimmery, lustrous finish while the partnering balm drenches skin with moisture to keep it looking fresh and healthy all day. Use it to instantly perk up sallow skin, wake up tired eyes, or enhance your cheeks.


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