How to Find The Best Hairstylist

by Brianna Thompson

The hair industry is one of the most iconic industries as there are so many specialists and seasoned professionals. Sometimes clients don't know how to find us, or how to figure out which stylist is best for them.  Here are some ways to search for a stylist for you.

Social Media/Online

Social media is a perfect way to find many people whether they are businesses, restaurants, and even salons! If you are looking for a local stylist search up hashtags like #njsalons or #essexcountyhairsalons. This will help narrow down your search if you do not want to venture far for a hair makeover. When you open the hashtag find photos that intrigued your interest! Once you find photos you like click on their profile and look at other posts. Now here are some key things to find on their profile

- Do they offer the service you are seeking? Some stylists have preferences of their style or what services they offer. Ensure before reaching out that they provide that service.

- Is their location near you? Sometimes people use hashtags not relevant to their location. Make sure they provide their location and check if it is near you. If you really love their work and want to travel to them, that is based on your preference.

- Do they suite your budget? Some salons do not post all pricing and you may need to have a consultation with them before they can give you a full estimated price. Keep this in mind when looking for your dream salon.

If you are not a social media person, simply google salons near you! Find a website of a salon you are interested in and read reviews, view photos, etc. You can even call to book a consultation with a stylist that may interest you! Most salons have photos and descriptions of their staff so you can better get to know them before booking.

Search for a specialist

Some of us may have had bad salon experience at some point in our lives, and sometimes it is best to seek our someone specialized in your desired service. For example, if you wanted a balayage and someone gave you chunkier highlights you did not love, seek out a balayage specialist. If you are seeking to be very blonde, seek out a blonding specialist. Of course, there are many seasoned stylists who love all hair services and have a paramount of talent, but if you are very particular about your hair, try to consult with a specialist to help! A specialist can still be seasoned, but simply may enjoy a particular service more than the other and seek more education for that service. Either way it is important to do research to ensure you love the work of your future stylist! This is making sure you find photos of the stylist's work that you can show that particular stylist as inspiration. The stylist can then consult with you if your hair can achieve the inspiration photo or can be a similar result. This will all depend on your hair type and hair history. 

Seek a consultation
After hunting down a stylist you want to book with, reach out via email, message, phone, etc. to book a consultation. It is important to meet your stylist to see if you both have a similar sense of what your hair goals are, and you can work with each other to achieve those goals. This is where you can get a sense of someone you may spend hours with on a hair color transformation, and you want to ensure you get the best experience possible for your investment! 

Ask a friend to refer you

Have you ever bumped into your friend or anyone with hair you love! This is the perfect chance to ask them about their experience with the salon or stylist they visited. Getting referred to a stylist is the perfect way to ensure that you get the best experience possible. Of course, we trust our friends and family over anyone, so it is the perfect opportunity to ask them who their hair stylist is! Some salons even offer incentives for referrals that you and your friends can take advantage of and get pampered together! 

These tips are going to help you find the stylist perfect for you! At the salon we do not only think of our guests as clients, but people we can connect with! It is super important to find a stylist you are comfortable with and can trust! At the Warehouse Salon our staff takes pride in connecting and offering our clients a comfortable and luxurious experience, with beautiful hair of course! Reach out to us today to find the perfect stylist for you! 

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