How To Figure Out Confusing Hair Products

by Nicholas Mirabella

Hair is a big issue for just about everyone. You want it to look fabulous, behave for you, and in general compliment your entire look. When you look at the salon, beauty store, or even your local drugstore shelves the amount of hair styling products to choose from can be quite overwhelming. Plus, there are a variety of new products that you don’t have any idea of what they might be used for. Of course, you know what the standards are, like gel, mousse, and even dry shampoo, but how about putty? What in the world is that for and would it work for your own head of hair? Here’s how to figure out a few of the more confusing hair products from two great companies out there and what these modern concoctions can do for your lovely locks from Brick and Mirror Beauty.




 This is a fun company that makes some very effective hair care. They have two hair products with names that are a little hard to determine what they are used for, until you read the entire bottle. The SnobgirlsBodydense Preto Creme Waitless Cure is a leave-in treatment that promotes volume, shine, and style retention. This product is meant to be used on freshly washed hair that is towel dried. So the “waitless cure” part is basically a styling cream that is lightweight to promote body in your hair. Any hair type can benefit from this product, but it especially works wonders on fine hair, that needs hydration without heavy styling or conditioning products weighing it down.


 Another fun product from Snobgirls is their BodyDense Prestoboost Shock Treatment. Looking at the title of the item, you would never know exactly that this spray treatment can prevent frizz, flyaways, and is actually a multi-purpose leave-in styling spray. Their motto for this one is, “prime, treat, protect, and perfect.” Use this spray on damp hair from root to tip.


Sudzz FX


 Another company to analyze is Sudzz FX. They have an Airplay Designing Spray. Designing spray? Cool name, but what exactly does this one do? It’s a dry working spray that is going to provide touchable hold. Think of it like a modern hairspray that does so much more. You can even use this one to resist humidity with your flat iron or curling wand, because it protects against thermal damage as well. Use this only on dry hair.

  Another one of their products is the AeroFixx Working and Finishing Spray, which is a gel-based hairspray that adds shine, hold, and eliminates frizz on dry hair. A truly unique product that can take the place of a few different styling products that you would apply wet, such as gel or mousse. It’s going to help your style retain its shape all day long.


  Overall when you are looking at hair products with creative names or uses, it’s vital to read the packaging to figure out exactly what it will do for your hair. Luckily on the Brick and Mirror Beauty Haircare Products section of the website each product is categorized by concern. You can check off all your concerns about your hair in the checklist on the left hand side of the page, and it will give you the best results for your hair styling needs. Or you can also put what type of product generally you are looking for, such as a “gel” and the alternative in that category will come up for you. It’s easy to have beautiful hair even in a world of confusing hair products, with Brick and Mirror Beauty bookmarked as one of your favorite sites!

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