How to Deal with Overprocessed Hair: Understanding Why it is Not Fixable

by Brianna Thompson

What is overprocessed hair?

When the hair is overprocessed the structure of the hair is completely demolished and broken. Overprocessed hair is hair that has sat with color or highlights, or even bleach far too long. This is why as a professional hair stylist it is important for me to take care of the hair during the service and avoid overprocessing. This is why I only use high quality products to ensure the hair is always in its best state. I take the time to use a low activator on my clients to ensure gentle processing, and even prep with K18 or use a bond builder. However, these products all have instructions and proper use! If the products are not used correctly, all will go wrong. This is why I educate myself on the newest products for hair repair, and the proper usage of them. 

On the other hand, no bond builder or repair treatment is magic, it is simply a tool to protect the hair. If the hair is already overprocessed, no amount of K18 or Olaplex can fix hair that is constantly breaking and overprocessed, it can only be cut off!  I know it is scary to cut your hair, but if it is damaged and broken, nothing will seal or repair it back to its normal state.

How can I avoid overprocessed hair? 

Always seek a professional that you can trust and who will recommend the best products to use in salon and at home During your consultation your stylist should always recommend a treatment of repair system that will always avoid any possible damage. They should make you awre of the process and the upkeep your service needs at home. Our priority at Studio 360 is the health and integrity of your hair. We only believe in healthy shiny locks!  Book your consultation with us today to achieve healthy and luscious hair. 

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