Hair That Uses Hot Tools Needs Special Care

by Gianna Tino

Do you remember what you had to go through to straighten your hair before the flat iron became a regular household item? It was all blowouts with your hairdryer, a round brush, and hours of coaxing your hair into smooth perfection. Luckily with the flat iron we can have effortlessly straight hair for minimal effort. Or if you love a little curl in your hair, the curling rod is probably your most used tool.


  Did you know that all the wear and tear on your hair from heated styling tools can take a toll on your tresses? Hot tools damage is rampant nowadays with more and more people using them to style their hair. When you use these elements you have to take extra special care of your hair to prevent and repair damage. Here are some tips for those that use hot tools on a regular basis that Brick and Mirror Beauty stands behind.


Deep Conditioning Is Your Friend

  Your hair is extra stressed out from the heat it endures by using the hot tools repetitively. You want to give your hair the best chance of recovery by applying a deep conditioning mask at least twice per week. PRAVANA makes a revolutionary product called Nevo 60 Second Deep Treatment that will actually repair your hair shaft. When hair is repeatedly subjected to heat it can dry out, fray, and split at the ends. This treatment mask will help to repair the damage by adding a high dose of protein with each treatment. Think of it like a protein shake for your hair! Chock full of vital nutrients and amino-acids it’s going to improve each and every strand. Plus, it helps to prevent 95 percent of breakage caused by hot tools. This is a must have treatment because deep conditioning truly is your hair’s best friend.

Protect Before Using Hot Tools Always

  A heat protectant spray is a must have before you use any hot tool. Many people mistakenly skip this step, but it’s a huge mistake. You need to have a product that will coat your hair, acting as a shield against the hot tool’s very high temperatures. Some of these flat irons go up to 450 degrees, which is very hard on your hair’s delicate shaft. Pick up Kenra's Professional Platinum Hot Spray 20. This heat spray will protect your hair when you apply it on towel dried hair right before styling. It reduces breakage by 87 percent. This is thermal protection you can count on to treat your hair right.


Wash Less

 This is one of the best tips. The less you wash your hair, the less you are going to be using those hot tools to style it. So get in the habit of trying to prolong your sleek strands by using dry shampoo and not washing as much. Kenra's Professional makes a Platinum Dry Shampoo that is perfect for any hair color. It sprays on clear, will absorb the excess oil, and allow you to get at least one more day of wear out of your hair style. Not only does it refresh your style, but it will also give you some much needed volume to day old hair.


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