Hair Hacks for Hustlers

by Brianna Thompson

Crushing It with Your Busy Life: A Stylist's Hacks for Effortless Hair Care

Hey there, hustlers! We get it – life is a whirlwind, and finding time for a full-blown hair care routine can feel like an Olympic feat. But don't stress! We've got your back with some tried-and-true tips straight from the stylists' handbook. Because no matter how busy life gets, your hair can still be on point. Here's to effortless glam for the everyday go-getter!


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1. The Speedy Wash-and-Go Routine

Let's kick things off with a game-changer: the wash-and-go routine. Our stylist pals swear by a quality shampoo and conditioner combo that gets the job done without turning your morning into a marathon. Look for products that cater to your hair type – they're like the superhero duo saving the day for your locks. Make sure to check out my upcoming blog about the best ways to wash and go! 

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Best Wash & GO Products: 

ColorWow Leave in Cocktail - Good for fine and looser hair types to provide body without the hassle of styling. 

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Cream -Adds moisture to any hair type for the perfect up and go product. 

Milkshake Whipped Leave In Moisturizing Foam- Perfect for finer hair types that can't be weighed down. 

Keune Curl Cream - perfect for all curl types to add nourishment and slight definition. 

Keune's Care Confident Curl Leave-In Coily - Perfect curl cream for tighter and oily like hair types. 

2. Embrace the Power of Multi-Tasking Products

Who has time for a million products when there's a world to conquer? Opt for multi-tasking wonders that do double (or triple!) duty. Think leave-in conditioners that also protect from heat styling or styling creams that tame frizz while adding shine. Efficiency never looked so good! Check out some of the products we just mentioned, they are pretty good multitaskers!! However specifically I want to talk about leave in detangles. The perfect cocktail for your creams! 

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My FAV is .... 

Colourfix SuddzFX- Perfect to detangle, nourish, and protect from heat and UV rays. Did I mention ANYONE can use it. 

 3. Effortless Elegance with the Low-Maintenance Ponytail

For those days when even five extra minutes seem like a luxury, the low-maintenance ponytail is your best friend. It's sleek, chic, and takes minimal effort. Secure it with your favorite scrunchie (because who says hair accessories are just for kids?) and you're ready to conquer the world.

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4. Overnight Magic: Let Your Hair Work While You Sleep

Why not let your hair do its thing while you catch some Zs? Our stylists swear by overnight treatments – whether it's a hydrating mask or a few drops of nourishing oil. Wake up with hair that looks like you just stepped out of a salon. Beauty sleep, indeed!

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Check out my blog: Beauty Sleep: Magics of Using Night Treatments for Your Hair for the best overnight hair treatment suggestions. 

5. The Sneaky Hair Accessory: Your Time-Saving Sidekick

When in doubt, accessorize! Whether it's a stylish headband, a cute clip, or some strategically placed bobby pins, a little flair can go a long way. Our stylists recommend keeping a stash of your favorite accessories for those days when your hair needs a pick-me-up. Check out my accessory blog:

Best Hair Accessories for Effortless Looks

 for inspiration! 

So there you have it, fellow jugglers of life – a stylist's guide to keeping it glam even when time is not on your side. Because you deserve to look fabulous, effortlessly. Cheers to conquering the day, one fabulous hair day at a time!

P.S. Have a favorite time-saving hair tip? Share it with us below – let's build a community of unstoppable, fabulous individuals!

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