Got the Summertime Brassy Blues? We’ve Got the Cure!

by Jane Moss

When summer winds blow, blonde hair can sometimes take on brassy overtones. It’s the best time of year to have that sun-kissed hair—but it’s also important to make sure the elements don’t damage it! Frequent washing and styling can stress blonde hair any time of year, but summer has some special challenges. Between sun, sea and chlorine, you’ll need some special products to keep your beautiful, light locks looking their best. At Brick & Mirror Beauty, we carry some of the best products around, including Pureology, Sudzz, Pravana and Milk Shake brands. Here are some you can order directly from us—created exclusively for blondes.

Milk Shake Silver Shine Shampoo keeps blonde hair looking naturally blonde without unwanted yellow tones. Available in 10.1 and 33.8 oz. bottles, this is one shampoo that will keep blonde hair vibrant, healthy and natural—with all the beautiful color you love when you leave our salon. Since it’s also vital to condition treated hair any time of year, we recommend Milk Shake’s Silver Shine Whipped Cream, a luxurious cream conditioner that actually neutralizes yellow tones while delicately conditioning hair in one simple step. It contains a special violet pigment and organic mixed berries extracts—the perfect antidote for summertime dryness. Also works beautifully on gray or silver hair. Available in a 6.8 oz. dispenser can.

Here are two more products that kick brassiness to the curb. Sudzz FX BlondeAmbition Luxury Brightening Shampoo uses a true-blue pigment that eliminates brassiness and yellow casts on blonde, gray or silver hair, while improving hair both inside and out. Available in three sizes: 10.1 oz., 33.8 oz., or salon-sized 128 oz. Want that perfect blonde color? Pravana’s The Perfect Blonde Shampoo is sulfate-free and banishes brassiness with a unique purple toning ingredient. Available in a 10.1 oz. size. When it’s time to condition—and in summer, it always is—try Pravana’s Purple Toning Mask (5 oz.). This luxurious mask, created to banish brass and leave treated hair, soft, smooth, and nourished, revives damage strands while toning blonde, silver or gray hair. We also carry Pravana’s The Perfect Blonde Leave-In Treatment (perfect for those sunny beach days) in a convenient 10.1 oz. spray bottle and The Perfect Blonde Conditioner (10.1 oz. and 33.8 oz.)

 For more tips and tricks for keeping blonde hair beautiful, watch our video.

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